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Try the World International Food Subscription Review


try the world argentina international food subscription service review

Try the World 

Try the World is a bimonthly (every other month) international food subscription service that allows subscribers to experience the world through their taste buds without pulling out their passports. Bimonthly boxes of 6-7 items are curated by chefs around the world, giving subscribers a versatile variety of food items to taste and cook with. 

We were given the opportunity to review Try the World's latest box, which came from Argentina!

The cost of the subscription varies based on the length of your subscription terms and subscription can be canceled at any time and is broken down as follows:

Month to Month - $39 every 2 months

Semi-Annual - $105 every 6 months (breaks down to $35 per box)

Annual - $198 every 12 months (breaks down to $33 per box)

You can subscribe through their website -

Try the World Argentina Review

Our family is not only multicultural, but we're seasoned travelers, so a subscription service like was extremely exciting to us. I think whether you're a frequent traveler or you're simply curious about other cultures, a unique subscription like this could be a fantastic way to enjoy some foods you may otherwise not come across. Keep in mind, I didn't see any diet-specific options, so if you have food allergies you may want to contact Try the World prior to subscribing. I'm allergic to wheat (I'm not Celiac) so I simply checked ingredients prior to tasting anything myself. My other family members don't share this allergy. 

Ironically, neither Patrick, the kids or I have ever been to South America--the closest I've been was Costa Rica--so we were super curious to see what kind of foods we'd get to try. 

I want to really touch upon just how much food we actually received in this box. When I lifted it up after it was delivered I was shocked by its weight alone and even more shocked when I realized how much they'd fit in the box!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
After removing the bag of cookies on top, we saw that the box was chock full of layers of goodies!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Included in the box was a large pamphlet with facts about Argentina, some recipes, and more! Our kids loved reading through it.

try the world argentina recipes international food subscription service review
Here's an example of a recipe found in the pamphlet on Argentina. It looked delicious and utilized one of the food products in our box.

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Additionally, there was a postcard with a list of all the foods within our box and how they were traditionally eaten/used in Argentina!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
As you can see, we received 7 products in our Argentina box. I loved that there was a little symbols key on the back that told us special details about each items such as whether or not the product was natural/organic or it came from a family-owned business!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
These are all of the products we received in our box, all of which were full-sized products with the exception of the 3-tea sampler!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Chamana and Inti Zen tea!
This was a cute little tea sampler with 3 different teas in it.
Product - tea sampler
Flavors - floral earl grey (purple packet), honey/vanilla/cocoa (yellow packet), green earl grey (green packet)
Our Thoughts - Of the 3 teas, the honey/vanilla/cocoa was probably the most popular with the four of us (it almost tasted like a honeyed white chocolate), but all were delicious! The green Earl Grey was tangy and herbal, while the purple Earl Grey had distinct floral notes. We're big tea drinkers as a family (even our little guys), so these were a hit!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Bake Love Koo delicious butter cookies!

Product - coconut butter cookies
Flavor - coconut flavor, very light and crisp
Our Thoughts - Everyone enjoyed these! They were incredibly light and crispy, with what we thought was a distinct coconut flavor. Ironically, Patrick (who grew up in Indonesia most of his childhood) said they tasted almost identical to cookies he ate as a kid. When we looked them up we found they actually use what the site referred to as "Indonesia Coco", so perhaps he's right and he did eat something very similar!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Arytza Chimichurri sauce

Product - Chimichurri sauce; typically served on side as dip for meat and veg
Our Thoughts - This sauce had a vinegary base with moderately strong oregano flavor. Despite being bottled, it was fairly fresh tasting and we found it made for a nice dip!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Dona Magdalena Dulce de Leche

Product - Dulce de Leche (milky caramel sauce
Our Thoughts - Two members of our family are huge fans of caramel and they've tried their fair share of caramels from different places. This was a huge hit for them! Unlike some dulce de leches it wasn't overly sweet, but just sweet enough. It was super smooth and milky, but not overly heavy or gummy like some you find. They enjoyed sampling it both on its own as well as over vanilla ice cream. Very, very delicious!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Dulcor Dulce de Membrillo (gluten-free)

Product - quince paste
Our Thoughts - We have had quince paste before, which is a sweet jelly made from quince fruit. This one was very good and the size of the actual product was quite large compared to others we've purchased before! While we enjoy this on its own, we find it taste best to us with goat cheese, which really brings out the sweetness in it. If you've never tried it, I'd most liken it to almost a honeyed fig flavor.

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
Memories of Patagonia Malbec Wine Marinade

Product - marinade for lamb, pork or turkey (I'd assume a variety of meats would work well)
Our Thoughts - If you enjoy sweet marinades, this is absolutely fantastic! It has a delicious red wine flavor with a mix of sweet fruits. We all agreed it was delicious both on its own and used on meat as a marinade. We absolutely have to purchase this again!

try the world argentina international food subscription service review
MQA Gourmet Green Olive Paste

Product - green olive paste
Our Thoughts - Some of us are olive fans and some are not. Even those of us that do not enjoy olives found these were made from some of the loveliest tasting olives we'd had. This is made to be spread on canapes and we agreed it was quite delicious when spread on small pieces of toast or even over gluten-free crackers.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we were not only impressed by the volume of foods included in this box, but we found all of them to be delicious! 

Over the years I've reviewed a wide range of different subscription services and I have to admit, this is easily one of my favorites so far. Foods can be such great ambassadors for different cultures and if you have an adventurous spirit (or you'd like to be more adventurous) this is a great opportunity to dip your toes in the water and taste some fabulous international flavors. 

Given the amount of food you receive and the fact that shipping is free, I think the price is actually super reasonable based on this box. I'll be interested to see what Try the World produces in future boxes because as of now, I'm quite impressed!

You can subscribe through their website -

What do you think? Would you/your family enjoy a bimonthly subscription that delivers international foods to your door? 

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are our own.

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MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Swatches & Review


mac pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation review

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation

As we recently mentioned, MAC has expanded its Pro Longwear complexion line this spring. We reviewed and swatches a few of the new Pro Longwear pressed powder foundations and will now take a look at the new Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundations.

These foundations are meant to be used as concealers or foundations, wear for up to 24 hours and remain waterproof throughout wear. It is meant to be lightweight offer medium to full coverage and set to a satin finish.

I have 4 of the 16 shades from this collection to share with you!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Swatches - NC15, NC30, NC35, NC42

These were all swatched on clean, bare skin and photographed in natural light.

mac pro longwear nourishing waterproof foundation swatches NC15, NC30, NC35, NC42
L to R - NC15, NC30, NC35, NC42

NC15 - fair with a peach undertone

NC30 - medium peachy beige

NC35 - dark medium beige with peachy undertone

NC42 - warmer than NC35 with more of an orange undertone, but not much darker

I found these photographed a little cooler than they were in person as all 4 were somewhat warm, with NC42 being the warmest by far.

I also found that these set to a slightly darker shade (about half a step deeper), so keep that in mind when color matching for your own complexion.

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation Review - NC15, NC30, NC35 NC42

Product Type - waterproof foundation (can also be used as concealer)
Shades - see above
Finish - MAC describes the finish as satin, but I found they were more demi-matte; not flat matte by any means, but subtly dewy.
On the Skin - fairly lightweight; moderate to full coverage easily; waterproof; requires strong makeup remover to fully remove; blends fairly easily
Price - $32 (.85 fl oz)
Final Thoughts - I was completely intrigued by this foundation as soon as I heard about it. Finding a truly waterproof consumer foundation is no easy feat, especially finding one that's also comfortable to wear. The texture of this foundation is smooth, but fairly thick. I found it to be easy to apply and blend out. It easily offered medium to full coverage. Each shade I swatched set about half a step deeper than it first appeared while still wet. The finish wasn't super dewy, but it wasn't flat matte either--more of a subtly dewy finish. The foundation itself was moderately lightweight on the skin, but I think it will really depend on how heavily it is applied as to how much you'll find you feel it. Given how full-coverage this foundation is, I can see how some may choose to use it for spot-coverage versus full-face coverage.

As far as the shades go, I found them to be predominantly peach in undertone, which may work beautifully for those with slightly warmer complexions, but may not be the best match for those with cool complexions. I found the shade NC42 really interesting as it wasn't so much significantly darker than NC35, but just far more orange-toned.

The question you're probably waiting for--was it waterproof? I personally found it was not only waterproof, but required a really good dual cleansing oil makeup remover to fully remove it. I tried water, soap and water, makeup remover wipes for sensitive to normal skin and then a dual oil cleanser. Does this mean it will wear well in a pool or in the ocean? That I can't tell you, but I was very surprised by how budge-proof it was with straight water!

As per 24 hours of possible wear, I never review wear as I find it greatly varies based on each person's skin, prep, etc. I did personally find it to be very long-wearing. 

Have you tried this new foundation from MAC? What did you think?

 Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.

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OCC Makeup Memorial Day Sale & Swatches

occ makeup memorial day weekend sale lip tar lip pencil swatches

Oh boy, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics is having a sale this weekend that starts at midnight! Did you know I have a TON of OCC lip tar and pencils swatches I've done over the years? 

If you click here or the "lips" tab above and scroll down they're listed alphabetically! 

Happy shopping wink emoticon 

MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder Foundation Swatches & Review


mac pro longwear pressed powder foundation review

MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder Foundation

MAC's Pro Longwear line has grown a great deal this spring with the addition of 11 shades of pressed powder foundations and waterproof foundation (coming soon to the blog). This pressed powder foundation is meant to wear for up to 12 hours while preventing shine. Coverage is meant to be light to medium.

I have 3 of the 11 shades to share with you today!

MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder Foundation Swatches - Light, Medium Plus, Darkest Deep

All swatches were applied to clean, bare skin and taken in natural sunlight.

mac pro longwear pressed powder foundation swatches light, medium plus, darkest deep
L to R - Light, Medium Plus, Darkest Deep

Light - fair shade (not really visible on my skin

Medium Plus - peachy-beige (somewhat hard to see on my skin)

Darkest Deep - dark slightly red-based brown

I always swatch on the inner part of my forearm as it is by far the lightest bit of skin on my arms (my face, for example, is around NC30 during the spring/summer). 

As you can see above, Light is extremely light and therefore not super visible on my skin. Medium Plus is a bit darker than my inner arm and somewhat visible, but had it been more pigmented it would have contrasted more with my skin here. Darkest Deep is a fairly dark brown with great pigmentation.

Textures varied on these three shades with Light having the smoothest texture, Medium Plus being the stiffest and Darkest Deep being the most pigmented, but also slightly more powdery in the compact (kicking up some extra powder when swatched) than the other two.

MAC Pro Longwear Pressed Powder Foundation Review - Light, Medium Plus, Darkest Deep

Product Type - pressed powder foundation
Finish - matte 
Shades - see above
On the Skin - formula on the somewhat "dry" side, but given it's meant to reduce shine I'm not surprised; lightweight once applied
Price - $26
Final Thoughts - I was surprised by the difference in textures in all 3 shades. Light definitely had the smoothest texture of the three (offering decent coverage despite how light it was) while Medium Plus was quite stiff and offered less coverage than the other two. Darkest Deep was smooth in texture, but it kicked up more powder when swatched than the other two. I think for someone with dry skin, these would probably feel a bit uncomfortable as the formula is a bit on the "dry" side. However, if you struggle with shine, I could see how they could potentially keep skin more matte with wear. 

The colors themselves seemed a bit more versatile than some of the liquid/cream foundations, probably largely due to the fact they were not quite as strongly warm and coverage was light to moderately-light.

As I cannot personally wear drier powder formulas on my skin without issue, I was unable to test for wear length, but I find that's very personal regardless. I know quite a few people that love MAC's powder complexion products and I'm sure these will be a hit, if they wear as long as they're meant to, with those hoping to prevent shine throughout the day!

Have you checked out these pressed powders? What did you think?

Note: Products int his post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own.

MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster Swatches & Review


MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster review

MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster

MAC released a new line of tinted creams as part of their Lightful C collection earlier this spring. This specific line of complexion creams not only has what MAC refers to as a "Radiance Booster" along with vitamin C, but according to MAC it offers SPF 30 and is meant to help control oil, reduce the appearance of imperfections and offer color-correcting properties. 

They come in a variety of 9 shades ranging from Extra Light to Dark Deep. I received 3 of those shades to share with you!

MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster Swatches - Light Plus, Medium Plus, Dark

These swatches were applied to clean, bare skin.

mac lightful c tinted cream swatches light plus, medium plus, dark
L to R - Light Plus, Medium Plus, Dark

Light Plus - light-medium beige with peach undertone

Medium Plus - medium with warm undertone

Dark - milk chocolate brown (yellow undertone)

MAC Lightful C Tinted Cream SPF 30 with Radiance Booster Review

Product Type - complexion cream with beneficial skin ingredients (according to MAC)
Shades - see above
Finish - demi-matte; not matte, slightly dewy. Natural and healthy-skin looking.
On the Skin - light to medium coverage; thicker consistency than lotion, but not super heavy; sets moderately fast
Price - $35 (1.3 fl oz)
Where to Buy - MAC/
Final Thoughts - When I first saw the word "tinted" in the name of this product and noticed it was categorized under "moisturizers" on MAC's site, I immediately assumed it was a tinted moisturizer. It's definitely not a thin tinted moisturizer, but rather an emollient, creamy foundation. I found the undertones of the three shades I swatched to be fairly warm, which may be great for those with warmer complexions, but too warm for those with cooler complexions. However, to my eye judging by the swatches online, Medium Deep and Dark Plus may be a bit more neutral. The coverage was pretty surprising with these as they could be built up to more moderate coverage. Keep in mind, if you apply these lightly for lighter coverage you'll likely not have the full SPF 30 protection offered. I want to note that they set somewhat quickly, so you'll want to work moderately quickly to ensure coverage is even and any edges are buffed out.

I'm fairly intrigued by these foundations. I do wish that there were a cool and a neutral medium shade for those of us that don't have warmer complexions. Overall, the consistency was smooth (slightly thick), the coverage was more than I expected and the finish was nice.

Note: I never personally recommend substituting the use of foundation with SPF for the use of a separate sun screen product layered under foundation.

Have you tried any of these? Have you tried other products from MAC's Lightful C line? I'm interested to check out some of the other Lightful C skincare products as I've heard some are really great.

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.

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MAC Wash and Dry Swatches & Review - Green Clean and Golden Rinse


mac cosmetics wash and dry review and swatches

MAC Wash and Dry

MAC recently released their highly anticipated Wash and Dry collection. This summer-perfect collection has some of the most colorful packaging we've seen since the Proenza Schouler release. The finish and weight of the packaging is similar to that collection. As I suspected, this collection has sold quickly both through MAC as well as retails such as Macy's, Nordstrom, etc. 

I received two pieces from this collection to share with you!

MAC Wash and Dry Swatches

mac cosmetics wash and dry review and swatches
L to R: Green Clean, Golden Rinse

Now that the weather has gotten intermittently better, I've been able to start taking some of my shots outside in natural light again. I think that they generally come out more accurate this way, which is always a plus for you guys! All products were swatched on clean, bare skin.

mac wash and dry green clean eyeshadow swatches
MAC Wash and Dry Green Clean Eyeshadow Trio (swatched from top to bottom)

MAC Wash and Dry Green Clean Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio Review

Product Type - shadow trio (veluxe pearlfusion formula)
Shades - (top to bottom) iridescent light green sparks; metallic golden lime; dirty matte brown base with olive shimmer
On the Eye - The finishes and formulas on these seemed to vary between the 3 shades. The top was a drier formula that resulted in an iridescent layer of sparks, but not much coverage. The middle had a beautifully smooth, buttery formula with lovely coverage. The bottom had a drier base with a layer of shimmer over it, similar to MAC's Beauty Marked.
Price - $27.50 (retail)
Final Thoughts - For anyone familiar with MAC's veluxe pearlfusion formula, you know it can be hit or miss at times. I think this trio is actually quite well coordinated and capable of creating a beautiful eye look when all 3 shades are used together. While the top color is probably best used as more of an embellishment than for coverage of any kind, the middle color will cover beautifully and the bottom color would very easily be smoked out. The middle shade reminds me of the beautiful green in the Rick Baker Spider Queen shadow palette--absolutely stunning! I think if you're looking for a piece from this collection and you're a fan of MAC's veluxe pearlfusion shadows, this particular trio could be a great choice. 

MAC Wash and Dry Golden Rinse Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzer

Product Type - bronzer (studio sculpt formula)
Shade - peachy bronze
On the Skin - silky formula; decent pigmentation; smooth application and semi-matte almost satin finish
Price - $35.50 (retail)
Where to Buy - MAC/
Final Thoughts - This has a very light, smooth formula with moderate, but easily buildable pigmentation. The color is actually really interesting. In the pan it looks like a chocolate brown with a peachy-pink tone. Once applied, the peachy tone comes forward and it's almost ever so slightly more peach than bronze overall. Very, very pretty. On a cool-neutral medium complexion like mine, it's more of a cheek color than bronzer. I'll be interested to see how it looks on fairer and deeper complexions! Very pretty and the compact itself is a perfect collector's piece from this launch.

Have you purchased anything from the MAC Wash and Dry collection yet? What were you most excited about?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions stated above are my own.