How to Throw a Killer Cookout with a Gluten Free Menu - Plus Savings & Cashback!

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Ready to Throw a Quick & Easy Gluten-Free Cookout That Earns You Cash Back?

Summer is here and that means cookouts! Time to roll out the burger buns, grab a spoonful of macaroni salad, slap together an ooey-gooey s’more … oh wait, you’re gluten-free!

Yes, being gluten-free definitely changes the way you do summer cookouts in some ways. At least it does for me! When you think cookout what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably juicy hamburgers on thick buns or delicious pasta salads—not anymore!

While the bad news is you have to watch what you eat, the good news is when you throw your own cookout there are plenty of ways to enjoy gluten-free versions of many of the cookout staples you know and (used to) love! And even if you’re not gluten-free, if you plan to throw a cookout this summer it’s always nice to offer some gluten-free alternatives for your gluten-free guests.

New to throwing a gluten-free cookout? We’ve done some of the work for you and created a gluten-free cookout men/shopping list that you can purchase almost entirely from Walmart (click the links below to go directly to their locations on Walmart's site--no searching necessary)! And because we love you guys so much we’ve even partnered with brands to include ways for you to conveniently earn cash back on your cookout by purchasing your necessities from Walmart with Ibotta!

Here are our top 10 gluten-free cookout must-haves…

1.     Clorox Clean Up Cleaner & Bleach Spray (earn$.75 cash back on this purchase from Walmart). You’re probably asking, “Isn’t clean up for after the cookout?” Well, yes, but let’s be serious, do you really invite people into your home without going on a made cleaning spree first? I thought not. ;)

2.     Viva Paper Towels (earn $1.50 cash back on thispurchase from Walmart). There are sure to be tons of messy hands and spills during your average cookout, so having plenty of paper towels on hand is a must! Besides, Clorox Clean Up Cleaner & Bleach Spray and VivaPaper Towels go together like peanut butter and jelly for pre-party cleaning—you can’t have one without the other. I prefer not to use sponges when it comes to cleaning surfaces we eat or work off of. Why? Because I am a serious germaphobe and the idea of putting a bacteria filled sponge on my counters or table makes me cringe. That’s just me! So we always keep paper towels on hand and let’s be real, if you’re anything like us you probably need a big package of paper towels because we seem to go through them like crazy!

3.     Lettuce wraps. Why put your burger on a bun when you can wrap it in crisp romaine lettuce? Even if you aren’t allergic to wheat, this is a much healthier choice—and better tasting in our opinions, too!

    4.     Gluten-free hot dogs. Yes, there are a number of gluten-free hot dogs out there and they taste amazing! Applegate has some good ones and Boar’s Head aren’t bad either.

    5.     Gluten-free hot dog buns. Unless you plan to eat your hot dog in a bed of lettuce (which, we don’t but no judgment if you do) there are quite a few gluten-free hot dog bun alternatives out there that look, feel and taste just like the “real” thing! Most stores carry them now, so check your favorite grocery store and you’ll likely find them. 

    6.     Gluten-free potato chips! You need a little crunch to go with your burger or hotdog, right? Thankfully our favorite potato chips are already gluten-free—Cape Cod potato chips!

    7.     Grilled vegetable kabobs are a great healthy alternative to chips if you want to add a little variety to your cookout. We like to grill peppers and mushrooms on skewers coated in a little avocado oil, Himalayan salt and fresh, crushed garlic.

Walmart Cash Back Coupon Rebate Gluten Free Cookout Menu8.     Gluten-free marshmallows. Yes, even if your beloved marshmallows can betray you and have gluten in them. The good news is that we actually find gluten-free marshmallows to be tastier than their gluten-filled counterparts! Something about the tapioca used in some of them makes them have a better flavor and a better consistency! Elyon Marshmallows are very good and roast over a campfire very well in our experience. Some consider Kraft Jet-Puffed marshmallows to be gluten-free as they technically don’t contain ingredients with gluten in them according to sources, but others are wary since they aren’t labeled gluten-free and therefore could have gluten contamination. Use your best judgment!

9.     Gluten-free graham crackers. What would a s’more be without some yummy grahams to squish it between? Again, tons of great gluten-free alternatives out there and they taste just as good from our experience! Kinnikinnick Foods and Pamela’s both make great graham crackers that taste like the real thing in our opinions.

10.  Fresh lemonade. We don’t really drink soda as a family, but you can’t have a cookout without some sort of refreshing summer drink! And if you make it yourself it’s better than the stuff you buy in the store … right? 

That’s it! You’ve got the makings for a truly delicious, gluten-free cookout that is sure to wow any of your guests—not just your gluten-free guests. And what’s even better is you’ve managed to score amazing prices and earn cash back if you used our links above! Now that your cookout is over you can clean up the messes and scrub away the crumbs with your handy Clorox Clean Up Cleaner & Bleach Spray and VivaPaper Towels, which earned you cash back just for purchasing at Walmart using Ibotta rebates.  

What are some of your favorite cookout treats?

Note: We partnered with Clorox and Viva on this post. All opinions above are our own.


Top Travel Picks for Spring Weekend Getaways

Press Samples

Top Travel Picks for Weekend Getaway

You guys know I'm on the go quite a bit, so I'm always looking for new products to make traveling easier! I've done a few of these posts, but I have some new products I haven't mentioned before traveling with me on my upcoming trip, so I'm sharing some of those with you.

1. EOS Visibly Soft & Active Protection SPF 15 Lip Balms - $3.29 Retail each

I just want to preface this by stating that I've used EOS for years and while I know some people have stated they react to something in the formula, I haven't had that reaction thankfully so I've continued to use it. Should that change I will definitely share that with you guys!

EOS has released a Visibly Soft formula that includes coconut milk and they also offer their Active Protection formula, which includes sunscreen. I don't tend to use the sunscreen formula because I use sunblock (vs. chemical sunscreen), but I know quite a few that prefer their sunscreens to offer SPF protection, which is why I've included it. I love that the Visibly Soft formula includes coconut milk!

2. Promise Organics Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Facial Towelettes - $5.99 Retail

I'm a stickler about making sure my skin care routine doesn't suffer when I travel, but one thing I do switch up is using facial towelettes for the first stage of makeup removal while I'm on the go! I have other products I use at home, but given how much of a pain it can be to travel with a lot of liquids (I completely hit my limit by taking along my other skin care products) I like to bring towelettes. I do cleanse my skin after using these with my regular skin care routine, but I find makeup towelettes get a good deal of the makeup off my face (especially my eyes) and make it easier to cleanse after. These towelettes were recently introduced to me and I love that the first ingredient is Aloe Leaf Juice and that they contain Argan Oil (an ingredient I use heavily in my own skin care routine). It's nice that they're cruelty-free (according to the brand) and very budget-friendly.

Available: CVS/

3. Patchology Flashmasque Hydrate 5 Minute Facial Mask - $8-$50 Retail 

I am a big fan of sheet masks for adding a little extra hydration to skin care routines. The nice thing about individually packaged sheet masks is that they're super travel friendly! The downside can be that you don't always have 20-30 minutes while you're on the go to stop and mask. However, Patchology released their Flashmasque line that includes a 5-minute hydrate mask that literally takes 5 minutes and then you're done! I haven't used mine yet, but it's already packed in my travel skin care products and I will be giving it a try soon. Yes, I think a 20-30 minute mask is probably generally more effective simply because of the length of time you leave it to absorb, but if you're tight for time I'm totally down for trying this speedy 5-minute mask!

4. Choo Choo Cat Passport Case - $9 Retail

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I love Choo Choo Cat goodies and my passport has been sporting a Choo Choo Cat passport case for some time! Honestly, this passport case is one of my favorite travel accessories. It's worn super well and it's attracted quite a few comments! I actually want to grab another one (or two) so I can switch it up from time to time--just too cute to only have one.


5. Let It Block SPF30 Sunscreen - $15 retail

I'm a huge fan of non-chemical sunblocks that provide a physical barrier vs. chemical sunscreen. This is 100% personal preference based on my own health issues/preferences. But the issue I often come across with sunblock is that it can be thick and difficult to apply, which kind of defeats the purpose of protecting yourself from the sun if you can't spread it evenly over your body! Let It Block is easily one of the smoothest formulas I've come across and it spreads really nicely. While I do find I have to apply it a bit more frequently than my other beloved sunblock by Badger, it's easy to travel with, easy to apply and it's housed in a neat recyclable pouch! Definitely worth checking out imo. They do have 2 other formulas I've been meaning to try out, so I'll make sure to report back this summer if I do.

Final Thoughts

If you're a frequent traveler (or you just love exploring new travel goodies) I hope I've been able to share a few products you haven't seen before! I've shared some of my makeup-specific travel posts in the past, so make sure to search through the blog if you're looking for some inspo in that area. 

I'd love to know your favorite must-have travel accessories, so feel free to share below!

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.