5th Annual Beauty Gift Guide Vol 7: Beauty & Grooming Tools

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gift guide beauty tools and grooming tools holiday 2016

Beauty Tools Gift Ideas

Each year I recommend some of our favorite beauty and grooming tools and each year they're a hit, so here we are again for all you last-minute shoppers scrambling to find the perfect gift for people still on your lists!

This year we've included some fabulous beauty tools along with some grooming tools that I think you're going to love.

Check them out!


5th Annual Beauty Guide Vol 6: Fragrance & Cologne

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gift ideas holiday 2016 fragrance review

Gift Ideas for Fragrance Lovers

Each year we highlight fabulous fragrances and fragrance gift sets and each year you guys love them! While I may be a super picky nose person, I really appreciate when someone buys me a fragrance they know I'll love. I've also found that giving fragrance gifts to people I'm close to or as gift swap presents has always earned fabulous responses. We've assembled a handful of fragrances for men and women with different price points, so there's something for everyone!


5th Annual Beauty Gift Guide Vol 5: Skin & Bath

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gifts for women gifts for men holiday skincare and bath bombs

Gift Ideas: Skin & Bath 

Over the years I've kind of fallen into this grove of giving skincare and bath products as gifts to people I'm not totally sure of what to buy. Honestly, it's always ended up being a huge hit! I know when it comes to skincare it can be hit or miss buying for someone else, but usually if I don't know the person's skin type very specifically, I'll buy something more general like body lotion or a mask. And who doesn't love a good bath bomb?

Here are some of my suggestions from this year's holiday launches!

5th Annual Beauty Gift Guide Vol 4: Thinking Inside the Box

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gift ideas holiday beauty 2016

Gift Ideas: Thinking Inside the Box!

Each year we do a "thinking inside the box" volume of our gift guide and not just because I'm so amused with this play on words, but because each year we come across some super boxed gift ideas! This year we have a mix of makeup and food--trying to give you a guys a great mixture.

I personally love everything we're featuring in this guide, so hopefully you will, too!