Selling my domain, Periorificial Dermatitis & other changes...

Hey guys,

I know it's been a while. A lot has changed since my last post, which led me to stop updating here. I thought it was worth sharing why I've basically stopped posting about beauty and why I've recently decided to finally make my domain available for sale.

Our family went through a lot over the course of the last year, which left me with little time to run this blog in addition to our family blog. I was stressed, I was anxious and I literally couldn't handle one more thing. Then, the final straw ... I developed Periorificial Dermatitis.

For those unfamiliar with Periorificial Dermatitis it is one of the most irritating, saddening skin condition--at least for me. It results in a red, prickly and often painful rash. While it usually starts around the mouth and nose, it can end up around the eyes. Mine, of course, started solely around both my eyes. My dermatologist believed my first flare up happened as a result of a combo of stress (not surprising) and being exposed to such harsh cold outside (I was the primary caretaker for our puppy all winter long).

The problem was, the more I stressed about my skin, the more sensitive it became and the worse my flare-up became. The cycle was horrific...

And to add insult to injury, Periorificial Dermatitis made it impossible for me to wear makeup--even eyeliner!

That was it. I could no longer wear makeup, I could no longer test makeup and I could no longer write about it from a personal perspective.

At first I thought I'd only need a short break. After all, I was on medication that was supposed to potentially clear it up in 6 weeks, but the more time went on the more it spread from around my eyes to around my nose/mouth. This was this past winter.

I've always written content I felt good about and I could no longer write about anything but fluff; and I don't write fluff.

The long and the short of it was that I stopped feeling as though I could post here as frequently. While I never thought about when/if I'd ever stop blogging here years ago, the more time that went by the more I occasionally missed it, but ultimately felt it was the right choice.

I'm still mostly unable to wear makeup and have decided it's time to put my blog to rest and give someone else the opportunity to purchase my domain since it's an established beauty blog domain.

As of the beginning of 2019, I will be turning this blog over to a new owner (unless something extraordinary happens between now and then). I'll be sad to no longer blog here, but life has a way of telling you when enough is enough. And if you miss me, you can still find me at our family blog. <3

So there you have it. I probably won't be blogging here anymore in a few months, but I'd love for this blog to be reborn as someone else's beauty-related site because it's treated me well for so many years, which is why I'm considering reasonable offers for transfer of ownership.

If you're interested in making an offer, you can do so by emailing directly at doria @ (no spaces, obviously).

Good-bye, lovely readers. I will miss swatching for you, but with all the lovely beauty blogs out there, there's plenty to find.

- BeautyPopStop