5th Annual Beauty Gift Guide Vol 5: Skin & Bath

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Gift Ideas: Skin & Bath 

Over the years I've kind of fallen into this grove of giving skincare and bath products as gifts to people I'm not totally sure of what to buy. Honestly, it's always ended up being a huge hit! I know when it comes to skincare it can be hit or miss buying for someone else, but usually if I don't know the person's skin type very specifically, I'll buy something more general like body lotion or a mask. And who doesn't love a good bath bomb?

Here are some of my suggestions from this year's holiday launches!

1. Elemis Smooth Operator - Retail: $44.50 (Value: $68.50)

This gift set is fantastic for any of the guys on your list that tend to enjoy spending a little time on their skin. The hubs is a big fan of good skincare and grooming products and he really liked the facial wash in this set--the shave gel was an added bonus! The value on this set is actually really good given that each of these products retail for over $30 each. This may seem weird, but the hubs also really liked the pouch these came in! 😂 He plans to use it for travel for items don't fit in his dopp kit.

Where to Buy -

gifts for him elemis smooth operatore men's skincare

2. LUSH Jester Bubble Bar - Retail: $10.95

Every year we go nuts over Lush's holiday collection and this year was no exception. Among their absolutely adorable bath products was this cute court jester bubble bar! The boys instantly fell in love with him and started a heated discussion on who should get to use him first. Super cute and not so Christmas-y that someone that doesn't celebrate won't find him amusing! LUSH's bubble bars make the craziest bubble by the way. If you've never tired them, now's the time! Did I mention he smells absolutely delicious?

Where to Buy - LUSH/

gift ideas lush cosmetics jester bubble bar holiday 2016

3. Anna Sui Limited Edition Holiday Hair & Body Cream - Retail: $24

First, let's talk packaging. These little metallic globes are so flipping pretty I can barely stand it! Even once they're empty I plan to keep them on my makeup table (as I do with so many of Anna Sui's beauty products) just for decoration. They're so luxe looking! When I first read about these I was a little taken aback over the fact it said hair and body cream. Ironically, I actually use a leave-in cream on my hair when I get out of the shower so I'm not sure why this took me a moment to process. The neat thing about this cream is that it imparts a holiday-worthy glow wherever you apply it. So cute, you can choose from silver, gold or both! 

Where to Buy -

gifts for women anna sui hair & skin cream

4. Schmidt's Deodorant Travel-Size Stick & Jar - Retail: $3.99 (travel-size) $8.99 (jar)

You may be thinking this is a strange thing to find in a gift guide, but to me, natural deodorants are just another form of skincare. I have super sensitive skin (as do both of my boys), so finding deodorants that work can be a challenge. Schmidt's deodorants are super natural and also super lovely smelling! They come in a wide variety of scents in both stick and jar form. We're actually putting a travel-size stick in our oldest's stocking this year because he's finally old enough for his first deodorant (getting so big!) and I love the ingredients in these. I'm personally using the Rose Vanilla jar and it's got such amazing ingredients in it, I'm so pleased! If you have a crunchy girl or boy in your life, consider grabbing some of these as part of a skincare gift or stocking stuffer.

It's also super convenient that Whole Foods carries them because we frequent Whole Food for grocery shopping! 

Where to Buy - Whole Foods,

gift ideas Schmidt's deodorant natural whole foods

5. Soap & Glory Take Your Pink - Retail: $18

Soap & Glory is a brand I came across many years ago, but one that I've seen grow in popularity and availability--which is fantastic! This budget-friendly brand always has some super cute sets and this one in particular not only has great items, but it's so well priced. The set comes with a shower gel, body butter, hand cream and shower puff. Not bad for $18, right? 

Where to Buy - Ulta/

gift ideas soap & glory take your pink gift set

6. SHOW BEAUTY Pure Moisture Treatment Mask - Retail: $48

You're probably wondering why this is in the Skin & Bath gift guide instead of the Hair Care gift guide. The reason is twofold: 1. this is something that's used in the bath/shower 2. I had so many great hair options I thought I'd spread them around a bit. That being said, this hair mask is meant to work on straight, curly or wavy hair 1x per week to infuse hair with an incredible amount of moisture. This is a great gift option for anyone that lives in a cold, dry area like I do. Gotta keep that hair from breaking off all winter long!

I'd also like to point out that the jar on this is super heavy and very pretty. I know that may seem weird, but especially with gifts, I find presentation really makes a difference!

Where to Buy - Sephora/


7. LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel - Retail: $9.95-32.95

Rose Jam is one of our favorite holiday launches from LUSH each year and each year we buy it, use it, then wait anxiously for its return. I have yet to find someone that doesn't like it's pretty scent. Don't let the "rose" bit fool you. It's rosy, but not heavy and super matronly (my nice way of saying you won't smell like a sweet, old lady using it). This stuff is the business. Get it for a friend then get some for yourself!

I love that LUSH releases most of their products in multiple sizes. It makes it easy to gift smaller ones if you're looking for more budget-friendly gifts or stocking stuffers!

Where to Buy - LUSH/


I know this is supposed to be a gift guide, but I won't tell if you choose to "gift" a bunch of these to yourself as well! There's something so fabulous about good bath and skin products. I can't get enough! Hopefully this is giving you some great ideas for people on your list. Stay tuned for more gift guides to come and don't forget to check out our previous gift guides!

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own based on my personal experience.


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