2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Newbie Picks

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holiday gift guide 2015 beauty newbie picks

2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Beauty Newbie Picks

We regularly get asked what products we recommend for beauty newbies. Whether you're newer to the beauty world or you have someone on your list that is, these are a few of our top picks for beauty newbies out of the holiday beauty launches we checked out this year! Keep in mind, we actually aren't huge fans of beauty newbies being told they should only use sub-par products until they become more experienced. Actually, as a makeup artist, I personally believe the opposite! I think starting off with great products makes the learning process better and more effective. Now I totally understand if beauty newbies don't want to shell out tons while they're still testing the waters, but that's one of the reasons we chose to highlight products with a little bit of a range in price-points.

holiday gift guide 2015 beauty newbie picks

1. Essence Eyeshadow & Eyebrow Palettes

essence beauty eyeshadow palette


Essence is one of the drugstore brands that gets a lot of attention from our readers and we were actually pretty impressed with the palettes released for the holidays. While the shadows aren't on-par (in our opinions) with high-end brands, they're certainly decent quality for the price and these coordinated palettes are super cute for someone that wants to start playing around with shadows or filling in their brows. There was a blush palette released as well and while we haven't personally tested it out, it looked cute!

Price - $9.99 retail
Where to Buy - Ulta/Ulta.com 

2. Make Up For Ever Lash Show Kit

make up for ever lash show kit holiday 2015
 I personally think lashes and liner are two of the absolute essentials for any look--or for days you simply don't have the time to do a complicated look, but still want to appear put together. There's nothing sexier than lashes! I find so many people are intimidated by false lashes. I get it, if you're unsure of how to apply them, cut them down to size, etc. it can seem daunting! This kit from MUFE has everything you could possibly need if you're just getting started, including:
  • Smoky Extravagant Mascara
  • Graphic Liner
  • False Lashes
  • Lash glue
The lashes are very pretty, natural and have a nice flexible band, which I find to be really helpful for those just beginning to learn how to apply falsies. Smoky Extravagant mascara is a great formula (though I tend to prefer the waterproof formula best given that I live in weather-changes-every-5-minutes New England). The graphic liner is fantastic, too.

Price - $32 retail currently on sale for $22 ($54 value)
Where to Buy - Sephora/Sephora.com

3. Inglot Freedom System (lipstick, shadow, etc.)

inglot freedom system lipstick
Inglot has been a long-time favorite of ours (I keep Inglot in my personal collection and professional kit) and I have directed many a beauty newbie to the freedom system so that they can pick and choose what they want to start with. Inglot's formulas are stellar and performances on most products are amazing. I have personally assembled palettes to gift in the past and people are always impressed by the customization and personal touch. Have someone that wants to play around with brights or vampy shades? No problem. Have a young teen just starting off and you want her/him to stick with lighter shades? Easy as pie! And if you can't decide what to pick for someone grab a gift card and let them have fun assembling their own palettes! It's such a fun process.

We have swatched a lot of Inglot products over the years. Search "Inglot" on our site and check them out!

Prices - varies
Where to Buy - Inglot Boutiques (the Chelsea studio is one of my favorites if you're ever in NYC) or InglotUSA.com

4.  Tarte Bling it On Amazonian Clay Blush Palette

tarte bling it on amazonian clay blush palette
Tarte's blush palettes are always super hot for the holidays, so it comes as no surprise that the Bling it On palette was incredibly popular this season. This palette comes with 5 shades of Tarte's famous Amazonian clay blushes in varying shades from neutral to bright and medium-deep. While I actually don't like the packaging on this one as much as I have past years, I really like the shades chosen and think they'd suit a wide variety of complexions. Generally, Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes perform well with decent pigmentation and wear. They're typically very soft and blendable and while I prefer the satin finish (which this palette features) over the sparkly one, they're all very complementary once applied. I believe 4 of the 5 shades here are limited edition and new for this palette as Dollface is the only one I recognize.

Price - $44 retail ($110 retail)
Where to Buy - Sold out online, but check Sephora and Ulta stores!

Are you a beauty newbie? What beauty product would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?

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Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are our own.


  1. Those Essence eye shadow palettes are so pretty! And they are really only $9.99?? I need one.. or two... or all of them, lol. ;)

  2. This is great! MY niece and little sister are totally getting into makeup and I want to get them something awesome to build their collection with good foundation makeup products!

    1. Yay! I have 3 sisters and when they came of age to begin playing with makeup they got A LOT of products from me lol. I hope this helps!

  3. I'm no newbie to beauty products, but I want a bunch of this stuff- especially that Tarte blush palette!!

    1. Right? Tarte always does such great blush palettes!


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