Dupe Comparison: butterLONDON Fancy Flutter Duo vs MAC Club vs MAC Blue Brown Pigment

Some press samples present in this post.

Last night I shared a pic of some of butterLONDON's new shadows from their ShadowClutch palettes and people got pretty excited, especially over one color in particular called Plume from their Fancy Flutter Wardrobe Duo.

Immediately, followers asked me to compare it to the 2 most popular shades that appeared to be similar--MAC Blue Brown pigment and MAC Club eye shadow.

I did a quick side-by-side swatch of each and shared last night, but thought you guys might want to see it here as well!

As you can see, of the three shades butterLONDON Plume clearly has a thicker, buttery consistency that translates to more payoff on dry, bare skin. However, if I were to swatch MAC Blue Brown pigment wet (either foiled with mixing medium or with purified water) it would be comparable in coverage and with a potentially stronger flash.

Overall, they're all great shadows, but if you're looking for one that takes little effort to get a strong duochrome flash then butterLONDON Plume is probably your best bet. I love the red-toned base of butterLONDON Plume and MAC Blue Brown, but I've always found MAC Club's neutral base to be lovely as well. The only downside to that fun butterLONDON Plume eye shadow is that it comes in a duo and you may or may not want the other color, which is a frosty beige.

MAC Blue Brown Pigment - $22 retail (4.5 g); $10 retail (2.5 g)
MAC Club Eye Shadow - $15 retail (1.5 g in compact); $10 retail (1.5 g refill)
butterLONDON Fancy Flutter Wardrobe Duo - $15 (2.4 g combined weight)

Where to Buy
You can view butterLONDON's new ShadowClutch line on their site. 

MAC shadows and pigments are available on their site, in-store and at counters.

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