#PeriodsAreNotAnInsult Why it's uncool to use menstruation against women...

Sorry, I had to make this!

Guys, I never get political on here. Why? Because this isn't a political blog. However, the majority of my readers here are females, so I want to state my view on the recent Donald Trump incident in which a general insult we've probably all heard throughout our mature lives was directed at a woman.

Let me preface this by saying that I am aware that Megyn Kelly has been on Howard Stern's show and discussed everything from breasts to penises. I never said I was or was not a fan of hers. My issue is with the fact that people use women's periods against them. I'm talking about one isolated incident here. I don't believe you can justify one person's poor behavior with the behavior of another. In my opinion, everyone is accountable for their own behavior.

I want to talk about this issue in a more general sense ... because it is an issue whether or not Trump meant to say it or not.

Alluding to the fact a woman is irrational, angry, bitchy or anything for that matter because she has her period is downright sexist and chauvinistic.

Can a woman's hormones affect her mood? Yes. Can a man's hormones affect his mood? Yes. Can a billion other things in the world justifiably or irrationally affect all of our moods? Of course!

Should we be okay with people using this age-old insult against us? No.

Using a natural bodily function that our bodies cycle through monthly as a derogatory insult against us, to explain away or belittle what we do or say, is disgusting. Periods are not disgusting. They are facts of life.

Does it mean everyone wants to discuss theirs? Of course not.

Does it mean it should become an insult? Heck no.

Conservative or liberal; left-wing or right-wing; male or female, it is not okay to use someone's gender or body or bodily functions to insult another human being.

Bottom line: Stop allowing women to be torn down by the things that make us women.

Now here, grab some free pads and/or tampons and use them with pride! Share them with your friends.

All joking aside, don't allow your party affiliations or your like or dislike for either Donald Trump or Megyn Kelly to blind you to a real issue we as women face. We cannot be okay with allowing sexism to prevail.

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