MAC Huggable Lipcolour Spring 2015 Swatches & Review - Bare Hug, Fashion Force, Flaming Lips, I'm Game, Play it Soft, Soft Talkin'

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 swatches and review

MAC Huggables Spring 2015

One of my all-time favorite limited edition MAC lippy formulas has come back (for a limited time)! I previously reviewed some of these in the original launch, which you can view HERE. MAC Huggables have a fabulous gel-like formula that I find squishy and glossy, while smoothing the appearance of lip lines. They are not as tacky as a gloss, they're super lightweight and they're very comfortable. Basically, they're everything I want in my spring/summer lippies! I've mentioned below how these compare to my experience with those launched in the original LE collection, for those curious.

MAC's latest launch of Huggables included 10 shades, 6 of which I have to swatch and share with you today.

MAC Huggable Lipcolour 2015 Swatches - Bare Hug, Fashion Force, Flaming Lips, I'm Game, Play it Soft, Soft Talkin'

These were all swatched on bare lips and taken in natural light. Keep in mind, because these have a translucent quality, shades may vary from person to person based on the pigmentation of their lips. My lips are not very pigmented and I find colors tend to be fairly similar on my lips when compared in the tube.You could always wear these over other lip products or pencils if you wanted super vibrant color.

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 swatches and review
L to R - Bare Hug, Fashion Force, Flaming Lips, I'm Game, Play it Soft, Soft Talkin'

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 bare hug swatch
MAC Huggable Bare Hug - peachy pink; slight shimmery pigment in base (some of the pigment slightly settled in lip lines, but was only noticeable extremely close up)

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 Fashion Force swatch
MAC Huggable Fashion Force - medium coral

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 Flaming Lips swatch
MAC Huggable Flaming Lips - medium-deep raspberry red (slight pink undertone)

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 I'm Game swatch
MAC Huggable I'm Game - medium watermelon pink

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 Play It Soft swatch
MAC Huggable Play It Soft - soft coral pink

mac huggable lipcolour spring 2015 Soft Talkin swatch
MAC Huggable Soft Talkin' - soft pinky-beige (slight shimmer pigment in base)

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Spring 2015 Review - Bare Hug, Fashion Force, Flaming Lips, I'm Game, Play it Soft, Soft Talkin'

Product - gel lipstick (limited edition)
Finish - glossy gel for most shades; slightly demi-matte for ones with shimmer pigment in base (Bare Hug and Soft Talkin')
Scent/Flavor - traditional MAC vanilla
Shades - see above
On the Lips - all were super comfortable on the lips; all shades were very gel-like (like the original launch) except Bare Hug and Soft Talkin' which had a different texture as a result of shimmery pigment in the gel-like bases, these shades were a bit stiffer (not drying by any means) and less glossy
Price - $20 (3.2 grams)
Final Thoughts - This is still one of my favorite limited edition lippy line. The formula is so comfortable to wear and the gel-like finish is lovely. I was interested to find that two of the shades (Bare Hug and Soft Talkin') both had a different texture than the original launch and majority of recently released shades. In the gel bases of these two there was a super fine, shimmery pigment that gave the overall texture a slightly stiffer feel with a demi-matte finish. They're still absolutely beautiful, but a different take on the original squishy gel feel. None of these were drying or uncomfortable with wear. I found that, like the originals, these wore down to a demi-matte over time. I did not find they traveled on my lips. These were not very tacky at all in my opinion and the variety of shades was very nice. These are the types of lippies I like to throw on when I'm in a rush or carry with me when I'm going to be out for a long day. They're easy to apply, lovely to wear and I find them to be quite complementary overall. 

If you haven't grabbed these yet, get to a MAC store or counter and pick up a few! I think I need duplicates of a few for my kit. I wish these were permanent!

Did you grab any of MAC's Huggables in the original or recent release? What did you think? 

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh! I really like these! I've been wanting more sheer lip colours lately, and these sound like they'll fit my needs perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, I wasn't expecting these to be so glossy! They're so nice! Bare Hug and Fashion Force are my favorites.

    xo Christina

    1. Yep! They're a solid gel-like formula so nice and glossy ;)

  3. I've been thinking about getting a new lip color. Now that I've read your post, I have a few more shades to consider.

    1. Oh good! And if you can't narrow it down to one, my motto is "buy them all"! ;)


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