Tips for Saving Melted Lipsticks

Temperatures jumped from cold (with snow flurries in April!) to blazing hot in the last few weeks up here in the northeast, taking me and everyone else around me by surprise! I'm not complaining--we had one of the longest most ridiculous winters--but I don't really feel we had time to transition. Sadly, it also means my makeup didn't either! I still had a few lipsticks in my bag when it hit mid 80s the other day and let's just say things have gone a little soft. When the weather gets warmer I tend not to carry lipsticks with me in my handbag because I've had more than a few ruin the contents of my bags over the years. You live, you learn!

Tips for Saving Melted Lipsticks

If you've experienced melted lipstick syndrome don't throw it/them out! You can salvage them in many cases--assuming they haven't crept out of their tubes and coated everything around them in their waxy loveliness.


My favorite way, if they're melted past the point of maintaining their bullet form, but still in the tube, is to scoop them out into sanitized metal pans or Vueset containers. Then once I'm done, I pop them in the fridge to firm back up and then they're usable again!

Tips for Saving Soft Lipsticks that Haven't Melted Yet

Keep in mind, if you have a lipstick that just gets a bit soft, but doesn't lose its shape, you can always pop it into the fridge or freezer to prevent it from turning into a goopy puddle. Also, if you don't have A.C. and your home tends to get hot, you may want to consider storing your lipsticks in a container in your fridge until temps cool. I know it may seem silly to some, but if you invest in your lipsticks like I do you probably don't want to see hundreds of dollars ruined by end of spring/summer!

I thought it might be helpful to share these tips since once of the first things I think of once the weather gets hot is how to protect my lipsticks and wax-based cosmetics.

What are your tips and tricks for preventing your lipsticks from being ruined once temps get high?

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