Make Up For Ever Plexi-Gloss Swatches & Review - 102P, 103, 303P, 502P

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makeup forever plexi-gloss lipgloss review and swatches

Make Up For Ever Plexi-Gloss

MUFE recently released a large new line of glosses with a total of 35 shades. Shades ranged from clear to dark and dramatic, featuring 2 different finishes--pearl and non-pearl. All are meant to be long-wearing and offer incredible dimension and shine. The pearl finish (notated with a "P" after the shade number) has pearl microflecks, while the non-pearl (which simply has a shade number) offers a creamy translucent finish.

All of these come in a traditional lip gloss tube, but have a unique applicator--which I'll discuss below.

I recently received 4 of the shades to share with you. Three have the pearl (P) finish and one has the non-pearl finish.

Make Up For Ever Plexi-Gloss Swatches - 102P, 103, 303P, 502P

All plexi-glosses were swatched on clean, bare lips. Given that nothing was applied underneath them, you can see what kind of finish and opacity they offer on their own. Any of these could easily be layered over liner and/or lipstick to enhance your pout.

mufe plexi-gloss 102P swatch
MUFE Plexi-Gloss 102P - sparkly nude

mufe plexi-gloss 103 swatch
MUFE Plexi-Gloss 103 - creamy salmon coral

mufe plexi-gloss 303P swatch
MUFE Plexi-Gloss 303P - coral with orange and some multicolor sparks

mufe plexi-gloss 502P swatch
MUFE Plexi-Gloss 502P - blackened base with metallic blue sparks

Make Up For Ever Plexi-Gloss Review - 102P, 103, 303P, 502P

Product - long-wearing lip gloss
Finish - pearl (p) and non-pearl
Shades - see swatches above
Scent/Flavor - no discernible scent/flavor
On the Lips - slightly tacky; most did not travel once applied; not overly thick; sheer to translucent coverage
Price - $19 (7 ml or .23 fl oz)
Where to Buy - MUFE boutiques     Sephora/
My Thoughts - This gloss has an interesting texture that reminds me a bit of what Anastasia Beverly Hills' was like years ago. While it is a bit tacky on the lips, it isn't as sticky as some notoriously tacky formulas. I really only felt it if I pressed my lips together intentionally. This doesn't bother me, but if that's something that you avoid you may want to test these prior to purchasing.

These glided on nicely and once set in place, all but 502P did absolutely no traveling on my lips. 502P didn't travel horribly, but I did notice that the blue sparks did move a bit with wear. It may have simply been more noticeable given the contrast between the blue sparks and the base.

As far as coverage goes, given the colors I was sent, it was a bit hard to judge coverage for this formula overall as 3 of them were fairly natural shades that melted into my lip color to a degree. It seemed as though the more natural shades had more even coverage than the more artistic shade--502P. 502P is clearly a more dramatic, high-contrast shade in terms of the base and pearl sparks, so it was easy to see if there was any unevenness and it took a bit more time and effort to get a more even finished look. It was doable, but the other shades I swatched were even effortlessly. I'd be able to better judge the formula with colors that contrasted a bit more with my natural lip color such as pinks, purples or reds. I'll report back if I get my hands on any!

While the gloss itself didn't feel thick on the lips, I did notice that it had a thick enough formula that I required 2 applicators' worth of gloss to cover my lips the way I prefer to wear gloss (1 dip in the tube for the top lip and 1 for the bottom lip). It may vary for those that prefer a super thin coat.

The applicator is very interesting! Its shape reminded me almost of a mitten--perhaps its the exhaustion? It was flat, had an oval tip and a little notch in one side. I did find it applied nicely given its shape. I tend to prefer gloss applicators with a flatter vs round shape as I find it applies more even pressure during application.

makeup forever plexi-gloss swatches and review
MUFE Plexi-Gloss Applicator

Overall, I think these have a solid formula that offers a nice shine and dimensional effect. Three of the shades I swatched were more "natural" colors and could easily be worn independently or layered. 503P is definitely a more artistic shade that I personally think would look best layered over black or another color for a fun effect--super gorgeous. I'd be interested to see how some of the purples, pinks and reds in this line perform as those tend to be the shades I'm most impressed by if they perform exceptionally well. 

What do you think of these glosses? Would you give them a try?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions above are my own.


  1. I looooove 103! I'd wear it on the daily! Great swatches.

    xo Christina


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