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jord delmar blue wood watch review

JORD Wood Watches

JORD, which is Swedish for earth, soil and land, is a watch company based in St. Louis, Missouri. Not only do they design and make stylish watches, but they do so using beautiful, renewable wood! 

JORD reached out to me to see if I would review one of their wood watches and I jumped at the opportunity as their watch designs weren't something I felt I'd seen before. I was given a few different styles to choose from and landed on the Delmar in Blue. I noticed that each of their watch styles were available in multiple wood finishes and face colors, providing customers a bit more flexibility in choice. JORD also offers customers the ability to have their watches sized prior to being shipped out, saving them a trip to a local jeweler or watch shop. There is an additional charge of $10.00 to do this, but in my opinion it is worth every penny as it makes the watch wearable right out of the box.

Obviously aesthetic is as important as performance when it comes to watches. I've tried to capture the details of this watch both in pictures and in my review to the best of my ability so you can get a real feel for the Delmar in Blue.

A Closer Look at the JORD Delmar Blue Wood Watch

jord delmar blue wood watch review
JORD Delmar in Blue


In order to have your watched sized, you have to first determine the circumference of your wrist. JORD makes it simple, directing you to click on a link on their site with instructions, which were very clear and easy to follow. Here is a link to the instructions on how to figure out your wrist size.  -Click Here-

jord delmar blue wood watch review
JORD Delmar in Blue

I prefer to wear my watches a little on the loose side, so I made sure when measuring that I didn't hold the paper sizer tight to my wrist.

What Comes in the Box? 

Watches arrive in a wooden box--how fitting. Once I slid the lid off, I noticed that the watch was well protected by bubble wrap and sitting on its own little pillow. In addition to the watch, I also found a few different items: one cloth to clean the face of the watch, one warranty card (more on this below) and a card with ways to connect with JORD via social media.

jord delmar blue wood watch review

jord delmar blue wood watch review

jord delmar blue wood watch review

jord delmar blue wood watch review

About the Warranty

JORD watches comes with a 12 month (from time of delivery) limited warranty that covers the watch in case of any defects in the material or the movement in the watch. Here is a link to the warranty page for more info.  -Click Here- 

jord delmar blue wood watch warranty review

JORD Delmar Details

Here's a closer look at this specific model.

The Delmar is a fairly big watch, which was actually bigger than I thought it would be base don the images on the site. Despite its large size, it is incredibly light weight. Keep in mind, each watch will vary slightly in terms of wood grain as every piece of wood is slightly different. 

The Delmar in Blue is made from beautiful sandalwood that has not scratched or dented since I started wearing it. There were a few spots on the wood where I noticed slight imperfections when it arrived, but this is to be expected with wood in my opinion. 

jord delmar blue wood watch review

The face is made from saturated carbon fiber that gives the watch a sleek and modern look. Every movement is high-end Japanese movement--Citizen Miyota Quartz movement (2035). 

jord delmar blue wood watch review
JORD Delmar in Blue face

jord delmar blue wood watch review
Back of JORD Delmar face

jord delmar blue wood watch review
Crown of JORD Delmar in Blue

The clasp is similar to a lot of wrist watches I've worn in the past and bears the JORD name and logo. I found it wore well over the past 2 weeks and didn't scuff easily.

jord delmar blue wood watch review
JORD Delmar clasp

Water Resistant
One thing to keep in mind when wearing one of these watches is that the watch is splash resistant NOT waterproof. It is okay to wear it outside, but it is not made to be submerged in water at all. 

Specs for Delmar in Blue

Double Locking Fold-over Clasp
Scratch Resistant Mineral
Citizen Miyota Quarts Movement (2035)
Case Width - 44mm
Case Thickness - 11mm
Lug Ends - 51mm
Band Length - 230mm
Band Thickness - 26mm & 36mm

Price -  $149.99 

Sized Price (sized prior to shipping) - $159.99

Where to buy -

Final Thoughts

After wearing this watch for two weeks now, I would say that the JORD wood watches are a truly amazing and modern looking watch with an earthy feel. I love that fact that is is a bigger watch, but that tends to be my preference. It is very lightweight, making it easy to wear on a daily basis. In fact, I found I forgot at times that it was even on my wrist. There was no discomfort caused by the watch links for me and is a great option for people that might have an allergy to different metals in my opinion. 

Since starting to wear this watch I have had numerous people comment on how awesome it looked, asking me where to get one. Given that I live in the northeast, we're big on natural wood and handcrafted products, so it's not surprising it drew quite a few glances.

There are a few things I'd like to mention. The first is that since it is a wood watch, there were a few imperfections that were noticeable upon very close inspection. As I mentioned above, I expect this to a degree with a watch made of natural materials such as this. Also, there were a few spots where it looked like some of the sealant might have dried a bit funny during production. These spots were mostly only on the band between the links, however, I was able to rub these off and the watch remained undamaged. 

At night, since there is no illumination in the watch, it was a bit difficult to read the time in low-light situations. This may or may not be a factor you consider when purchasing. 

I think the quality is pretty on-par with its price based on my personal experience. I found that the wood and clasp did not ding easily with regular wear. Keep in mind, this may vary from person to person based on what you do for work/on a daily basis.

Overall, I would recommend this JORD wood watch to anyone looking for a timepiece that is modern and stylish, yet made from a material that is renewable and unique. 

This could make a great Father's Day gift, birthday gift, anniversary gift, etc.

Would you consider purchasing a JORD wood watch? Who in your life do you think would find this most appealing?

Note: Products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.


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  2. All of the Jord watches I've seen are definitely unlike any watch I've seen. I love unique pieces.

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