Top Beauty Splurges & Saves - Makeup Brushes & False Lashes

wayne goss brush #19 beautylish
I recently grabbed these Wayne Goss #19 brushes, which are beautifully constructed domed eye brushes. Heaven!

Do you splurge or save when it comes to makeup brushes?

I think we all have certain beauty products and tools that tend to bring out our budget-beauty sides and other products that we can't help but splurge on. 

I am a spender when it comes to most makeup products to be honest, partially because I really expect a lot from my products and tools and partially because this is both a personal love and professional interest for me. I have to say though, when it comes to splurging one of the items I will splurge on with very little limitation is makeup brushes. I want them to be effective beyond belief, soft as a cloud and capable of standing up to regular use. They also need to wash and dry well.

In my kit and personal collection I have a mix of synthetic and natural hair brushes in a variety of shapes and sizes. My favorite brush brands at the moment are Wayne Goss (oh my gosh, orgasmic natural hair brushes), Hakuhodo, Revolution by Royal & Langnickel (designed by the lovely KJB) and Cozzette (by Roque Cozzette - literally some of the softest synthetics I've ever seen). I have a few other odd brushes here and there, but these are my primary brush favorites. I carefully choose and hyper-analyze every brush purchase and as a result I truly love every one!

That being said, what do I tend to get budget-picky on? I will actually buy budget-friendly false lashes like Red Cherry for single-use lashes! While I also enjoy far more expensive pairs on myself and clients now and again, there are a number of budget-friendly false lashes I really do like working with as well. Especially if the lashes are only going to be worn once and I'm going for a natural or natural-glam look, there are plenty of great options in my opinion.

What about you? What's your number 1 splurge beauty item and your number 1 budget-friendly item?

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