MUFE Spring 2015 Releases Sneak Peek - Step 1 Primers, Smoky Stretch, Pro Sculpting Duo


New MUFE Products for Spring

I'm finally in the land of the living (minus a little continued lung trouble) and I'm starting to test out some of the goodies that arrived while I had the flu. These goodies came from MUFE and I'm so excited to test them and share my findings with you soon. 

For those that don't know, MUFE released a new line of Step 1 primers that suit a long list of needs from redness to dryness; oiliness to dullness. I have several of them to test out and look forward to seeing what I think about them!

MUFE also released a new mascara (they product some of my personal and professional holy grail mascaras), which I cannot wait to test out called Smoky Stretch. Give me LENGTH!

And last, but certainly not least, MUFE released 2 new Pro Sculpting Duos. I have the deeper of the 2, which has a gold highlighter and chocolate brown counterpart.

Keep your eyes peeled here and on Instagram for updates!

Available now at and MUFE boutiques.

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