Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette Review

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Laura mercier eye art artist's palette for eyes seohora review

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette

The famous Laura Mercier Artist's Eye palette was a huge seller when it first launched in 2013, but I was honestly surprised to see it launch two years later without any prior announcement (that I had seen anyway) earlier this month!

As expected it sold out fairly quickly and as there's a link to be alerted when it restocks I'm optimistic we may see it again! I was able to grab it when it first launched and I have to say, if you're like me and kicking yourself you missed it the first time try to find it in Sephora.

The color palette is beautiful, the textures are amazing and overall I'm a big fan. You can easily create a variety of natural looks, smoky eyes, etc. It has a very refined color palette in my opinion. The finishes are a mix of matte and shimmers, but even the shimmers aren't gaudy and filled with chunky glitter. I can see a lot of women really enjoying this as a result!

 Especially for a consumer palette, I'm impressed by how professional it feels in overall quality. Since it isn't currently available online, I suggest checking out your local sephora or calling and finding out if it will in fact be restocked.

 I recently created this look while testing it out and shared it on Instagram.

Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist's Palette Info

Price: $55

Available: Currently sold out at; check local Sephora boutiques.

Did you grab this palette in the recent restock? What did you think?

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