Rejoining the Land of the Living! Pixiwoo Real Techniques, MAC Julia Petit and more...

I have been so sick since my return from my recent trip as many of you already know. I have asthma and managed to get the flu on the way back, which resulted in a really bad chest infection among other things. I'm happy to report that I'm about 75% better and have some exciting new product and things to share with you later this month!

Unfortunately, Kotex samples are officially no longer available, but keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming offers and deals.

I saw that MAC Julia Petit launched this morning online, but it looks like it sold out almost instantly! I have Petite Red and will be sharing it on Instagram and maybe on here as well!

I also recently received one of the Bold Metals Real Techniques brushes designed by the Pixiwoo sisters. I've never been a huge Real Techniques user, but this brush looks pretty good for personal use! It's fairly large (larger than most pointed crease or pencil brushes I own) and the head is synthetic and soft/dense. If you have small eyes like me, you may find it a little more difficult to use, but for average size eyes I think it could work well.

bold metals real techniques crease brush pixiwoo

I think that covers it for now. Check back soon for new products, updates and spring posts soon!

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