Top Spring Break Travel Makeup Bag Products & Tips


top spring break travel makeup bag products & tips mac cinderella, make up for ever, amazing cosmetics, urban decay

Top Spring Break Travel Makeup Products

I know it's not technically spring for a couple weeks, but Spring Break is fast approaching and I'm actually traveling soon, so I thought it would be fun to do an early spring beauty travel post featuring some of my must-haves! 

When I travel, I try to be really efficient when it comes to the products I bring. I don't want to bring too much because a. things can get lost or damaged and b. it's just more to carry and pack! One of the things I find a lot of beauty lovers struggle with is how to pack their beauty and skincare as well as what to bring. Here are some of my personal beauty travel tips...

Beauty Travel Tips: 
  • Pack products that are versatile! For example, products that can serve multiple purposes such as a cheek/lip tint or a moisturizer you like to use as a primer as well. 
  • Keep in mind the temperature/environment you're traveling to. While it's below freezing and buried in snow where I live, I'm traveling to significantly warmer, more humid weather. I want to make sure I bring beauty and skincare (not included in this post) that suit those temps!
  • Keep your makeup bag in your carry-on. I find that putting my makeup in my check-in is hit or miss when it comes to damage. Sometimes everything makes it through fine, other times you can tell they probably punted my bag onto the conveyor belt. Remember to review TSA regulations for liquids.
  • If you're worried about the TSA 3-1-1 rule when it comes to your skincare, put your skincare in ziplocs and carefully pack it in your check-in bag. 
  • Depot larger tubs of creams and bottles of liquids into smaller, travel-friendly, leak-proof containers. I've seen a lot of stores in the last few years sell bigger varieties of empty jars and bottles--from Target to beauty supply stores. I always try to transfer only as much product as I'll need (plus an extra couple days just in case) to travel-containers to conserve space and prevent waste in case anything breaks/spills. 
  • Do not put things such as eyebrow razors, cosmetic scissors, nail clippers, etc. in your makeup bag if you're putting it in your carry-on. You will likely get pulled to the side by security and end up having to either ship it back to yourself (which is a pain and can be costly) or give it up entirely. Either way, it can be a delay and hassle. I remember my bestie accidentally leaving a small pair of scissors in her bag when we were traveling to a wedding. Thinking ahead, she threw them in her bag so we'd be able to cut any tags or stray threads. Of course we were pulled to the side and she immediately realized she should have thought that one through! Lesson learned.
I hope those help!

Peak Inside My Spring Break Travel Makeup Bag - Part 1

Here is the first half of the makeup products I'm bringing with me on my upcoming trip--minus a few mystery products I'll be testing out while I'm gone, which I'll probably share snap shots of on Instagram once I'm there! I am packing my skin care in my carry-on and have not included my skincare bag in this post, though I'm happy to do a feature in the future if people request it.

Also, I didn't include it here, but I often bring my Sugarpill palettes with me when I travel as I find they travel well and give me the bright mattes I want! I'm a big, big fan of their chromalusts as well, but I'm still testing out different travel-friendly containers for them.

top spring break travel makeup bag products & tips mac cinderella, make up for ever, amazing cosmetics, urban decay

1. Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara - This mascara has been a favorite for some time and since it not only lengthens (I don't plan to wear falsies much of the trip), but is very waterproof, it's perfect for the weather I'm headed for. Available at Retail: $24

2. MAC x Cinderella Coupe D'Chic Iridescent Pressed Powder - From MAC's recently launched Cinderella collection, this pressed powder is super sparkly and magical--exactly what I need on my trip! Sold out at as of right now, but should launch in-store around the 5th. Retail: $28

3. Aquareveal Smooth Talker Water Peel for Lips - This is a recently launched product meant to help you exfoliate your lips without the grit! I tend to find airports/airplanes super dry, so I'm going to be giving this a whirl after I fly out. Available at Retail: $24

4. MAC x Cinderella Happily Ever After Lipglass - Also launched in MAC's Cinderella collection, this beautiful, light pink gloss with reflective blue-lilac specks is just stunning both alone as well as layered! I'll definitely be using this a lot as I love to wear gloss when traveling as I find it a bit more worry-free than lipstick. Sold out at as of right now, but should launch in-store around the 5th. Retail: $16.50

5. MAC x Toledo Petrol Blue Liner - This was a repromote in the recently Toledo launch, but it's a shade I've had in my kit and collection for some time. It is beautiful. I usually like to smudge it under the lower lashline or apply it to the lower lashline for a little extra sparkle. Available at Retail: $17.50 (Toledo), $16 (permanent)

6. Make Up For Ever Artist Liner in M-10 - I am a huge fan of MUFE liners, but when they released these Artist liners a while back I was a tad skeptical as I'm usually a waterproof liner-only user. Honestly, this liner instantly won my over. It's creamy, pigmented and conveniently does not need a sharpener, which is perfect for travel! Honestly, amazing, amazing liner and I use it in addition to all of my beloved MUFE waterproof liners. Available at Retail: $19

7. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Liner in Zero - I know people are in love with UD's ultra-black liners, but I honestly still love Zero. I find it softer and less harsh and since I'm a black liner wearer on a daily basis weather I'm wearing a smoky eye or neutral eye, I find it's more versatile. Available at Retail: $20

8.  MAC x Toledo Modern Twist Lash in Caligrafy - I have literally been wearing colored mascaras for at least ... 18 years. Wow, that makes me feel old! I love them. When I want bold lash color I'll usually use a white primer (since my lashes are black), but if I want a more subtle hint of color I'll simply put the colored mascara over my favorite black mascara so it tints them. You need some colored mascaras in your life! Available at Retail: $24

9. Becca Beach Tint in Dragonfruit - Not only is this little beauty waterproof, but it can be used on both cheeks and lips. I love this shade. It's one of my all-time favorite cheek tints and it smells amazing. It also lasts all day long in my experience. Definitely a great warm-weather, travel-friendly product! Available at Retail: $25

Peak Inside My Spring Break Travel Makeup Bag - Part 2

I thought it would be easier to break down the products into two pics so you could see them a bit easier, so here are the remaining products in my Spring Break travel makeup bag!

top spring break travel makeup bag products & tips mac cinderella, make up for ever, amazing cosmetics, urban decay

10. Lipstick Queen Oxymoron Lip/Cheek Cream in Open Secret - Again, another fabulous lip/cheek product! This compact is super convenient not only for throwing in my travel bag, but transferring to my handbag when I go out. The shade is perfect for spring and summer in my opinion. Super fresh and pretty! Available at Retail: $24

11. AmazingCosmetics A Little AmazingConcealer in Medium Beige - AmazingConcealer is a fabulous concealer that sets fairly quickly, blends beautifully, covers well and wears with little to no creasing even under eyes. I'm super impressed by my experience with this concealer thus far and I look forward to testing it further while I'm away. This had been recommended to be my several makeup artists over the last year. Available at Retail: $28

12. Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate - I use quite a few Embryolisse skincare products, both in my kit and for personal use, including this when I want a lighter daily moisturizer. Since I'm heading to much more skin-favorite weather I'm looking forward to using a more humid, warm-weather appropriate moisturizer! This also doubles as a great primer. Available at Retail: $16 (1 oz), $28 (2.6 oz)

13. MAC Rick Baker Spider Queen Eyeshadow Palette x 6 - I purchased this back when it launched in 2013 and it's still a favorite. The shadows offer amazing performance and the colors are perfect for creating either a soft, smoky eye or a green spring look. No longer available at as a palette, but half of the colors are available individually

14. MAC x Cinderella Stroke of Midnight Eyeshadow Palette x 6 - While most of the colors in this palette are permanent colors, the palette itself is so nicely put together (in my opinion) that I knew I had to have it the second I saw promotional images. If you want to create a contoured eye or soft neutral eye, this is your palette! It is sold out on as of this moment, but it should launch around March 5th in-store. Retail: $44

As I mentioned above, I have a few products I wasn't able to show here yet that I plan to share while I'm away that I look forward to using as well! So excited to leave this frozen New England tundra and head to sunny, warmer weather. 

In addition to my travel makeup bag I'll also have a separate bag for skincare and a separate makeup brush container. I'm happy to share those as well in future posts in people are interested.

Are any of you traveling soon? What's in your Spring Break travel makeup bag?

Note: Some of the products in this post were provided by PR/the brand. All opinions are my own.

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