Spring Blog Sale

Proceeds of this sale will go towards this fundraiser for my husband <3

Please read everything prior to purchasing!
All prices INCLUDE shipping to US. Paypal only--no e-checks.

Prices include shipping, but does not include insurance, which can be added upon request for $2.50--I cannot be held accountable for damage done during shipping so I suggest you add it. Add $5 for Canada or $12 for international addresses if purchasing small items.

This will be updated periodically as I de-stash, which I try to do at least once per change of season!

I have so many products that sit and go unused (many of which are backups and some I haven't had time to use) simply because I have so many to begin with! Between the fact that we're moving soon and my little guys have had a lot of expensive evals this summer, I've decided it's time to purge! I recommend you google swatches as these are quick shots and the color may vary from monitor to monitor. Please also note whether they are new, used, etc.

How to Purchase

  • Email directly at doria at beautypopstop dot com with items you wish to buy. Please note whether or not you want to add insurance for an additional $2.50 on top of the regular prices, which include shipping.
  • I will send invoices out quickly. 
  • Payment must be made within 30 minutes of the invoice going out or I will have to move on to the next person. 
  • Everything will go out on a first-come, first-serve basis. It has been my personal experience that holding things simply doesn't work, so please don't ask me to :)

For emails that come in during the night I'll address them from oldest to newest in the morning.

Usage: Everything listed is brand new (a few things are missing their boxes, which is noted below)

Shipping USA: 

  • Items will ship out within 2-3 business days from the day they're paid for. 
  • Everything will ship via USPS. Insurance can be added additionally for $2.50 upon request. 
  • If you do not request it I assume you are willing to risk shipping without and acknowledge that I cannot be held accountable for melting or damaged as a result of shipping.
Shipping International:
  • If you're outside the US I don't mind shipping internationally if you're willing to pay the cost. 
  • Canada is an additional $5
  • Other international addresses are usually around $24+. Provide your postal code for an actual estimate.
  • When you contact me let me know which country you're in and I can tell you the cost of shipping.

Any instances or lost, stolen, or damaged packages must be dealt directly with the post office.

NOTE: I strongly suggest requesting insurance for an additional $2.50 as I cannot be held accountable for melting or damage due to shipping.

As soon as a product has been paid for I will cross its name out. If it hasn't been crossed out yet it means it hasn't been purchased yet.

Here we go...

Lip Lot: $70 shipped for everything or individually priced below...

Make Up For Ever Artist Lip Bam in 940 BNIB (small nick on side from cap when I opened it) - $15

Urban Decay lipstick in After Dark matte BN (threw away box by accident) - $10

Urban Decay Menace matte BNIB - $10

MAC Sixxx Pack Crystal Glaze Gloss BNIB - $15

MAC Nutcracker Sweet Viva Glam Lipstick Compact (red came with small nick in it) BNIB - $18

MAC Silver Spoon lipstick BNIB - $14

MAC Limited Edition James Kaliardos Coral Bliss lipstick BNIB - $15

MAC Honeylove lipstick BNIB (box came dented on one corner) - $14

MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick BNIB - $14

MAC Whirl lipstick BNIB - $14

Face Lot:


Eye Lot:

Pamela Barsky Pouches
1 @ $8 --- 2 @ $12 --- 3 @ $15

Pamela Barsky Pouches
1 @ $8 --- 2 @ $12 --- 3 @ $15

That's it for now!

Contact me directly if you're interested in any of these at the email address listed above. These are on a first come, first serve basis. Shipping costs are listed above.

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