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u by kotex and walmart top 5 fall handbag must-haves

5 Fall Handbag Essentials with U by Kotex & Walmart

Fall is in the air! Here in New England it's already dropped to the 50's and 60s, so we've had little time to prepare for the change of seasons. However, I always make sure to update my handbag and when I do, I pack my favorite seasonal essentials at the same time! Bye-bye summer handbag, hello leather and fall handbag musts! I've even got a fabulous coupon for you below to help you update your fall handbag essentials, so make sure to watch for that.

Walmart actually carries 5 of my top handbag essentials, which includes U by Kotex Click Tampons and the free Kleenex Slim Pack that comes with specially marked packages of Kotex tampons and pads!

Here are 5 of my top fall handbag essentials:

I always keep a few tampons in my purse because I'm always on the go--I don't have time for accidents! U by Kotex Click Tampons come in several absorbency ratings including regular, super and super plus. I tend to purchase the multi-packs so that I can keep a few of each in my purse just in case. These convenient little tampons have a super compact applicator that actually clicks to extend. No more super long tampons taking up space--more room for other handbag essentials! Check out this fantastic coupon U by Kotex and Walmart has been kind enough to offer my readers. Share it via twitter, facebook or pinterest and the more you share the higher the coupon value will be!

u by kotex click tampons coupon
Here's my must-have U by Kotex Click tampon multipack! On the top is my second fall handbag essential pick, which I'll talk about below.

u by kotex click tampons walmart coupon
U by Kotex Click Tampons are so cute and convenient!

Cold and flu season is here so it's definitely time to keep those tissues handy! Thankfully, some specially marked U by Kotex tampon and pad boxes include complementary Kleenex Slim Packs--perfect! These handy little packets hold 10 nicely sized, reasonably thick tissues. Definitely look out for these!

Use this fabulous coupon from U by Kotex and Walmart to score an even better deal on certain U by Kotex pads and tampons when shopping at Walmart--look for the specially marked packages that include these perfect little Kleenex Slim Packs!

u by kotex click tampons kleenex slim packs walmart coupon
The Kleenex Slim Packs are nice and small.

u by kotex click tampons kleenex slim packs walmart coupon
They open up and feature 2 slim pockets!

3. Hershey Kisses
If you know me, you know I'm a serious choco-holic! I try to keep chocolate on me at all times and now that the weather is cooler, I can keep my favorite little Hershey Kisses in my bag without fear of melting ;) Grab these at walmart next time you're there. And hey, Halloween candy is coming out already ... just saying!

hershey kisses walmart coupon

4. Milani Lip Intense Liquid Color in Red Extreme
I'm so thankful Walmart carries a huge selection of Milani products (some of the only drugstore beauty products I tend to love). These amazing liquid lipsticks by Milani are as good as, if not better, than any other lip products I've tried. And this red? Killer for fall! 

milani lip intense liquid color walmart coupon

5. EOS Lip Balm
This is an essential for me year-round, but especially in the cooler months. EOS lip balm keeps my lips moisturized and dry skin-free all Fall long. This is also available at Walmart.

eos lip bal walmart coupon

U by Kotex and Walmart Coupon for My Fabulous Readers

As I mentioned above, U by Kotex and Walmart have provided you guys with a fantastic printable coupon that not only helps you save, but increase in value if shared via facebook, twitter and pinterest! The more you share, the more you and your friends can save.

What are your fall handbag essentials? 

Thank you to U by Kotex and Walmart for sponsoring this post!


  1. Great essentials! I always have the same things in my bag, except for the chocolate – that's such a good idea, though!!

    1. Thank you! Oh yes, chocolate is 100% a must lol ;)

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