Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Release Oct 1 - Swatches & Review

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sugarpill sparkle baby review and swatches

Sugarpill Profile

Sugarpill, one of my all-time favorite indie cosmetic brands, sells an amazing array of mostly cruelty-free loose and pressed shadows. I first came across Sugarpill in their first year and I'm so glad I did. They instantly became one of my favorite bright shadow brands and have maintained this position ever since--you've probably noticed I regularly use Sugarpill in tutorials.

I previously reviewed 27 other Sugarpill pressed and loose shades in 2 parts:
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Sugarpill first debuted the Sparkle Baby collection a couple years ago if memory serves me correctly at IMATS--this collection consists of 4 shades of pressed shadows. Since then, Sugarpill fans have been waiting with bated breath for their release. I'll be the first to admit I've been frustrated a few times over how long we've waited for these to launch on the site. Thankfully the wait is over and they are slated to be released on October 1st if what I've read is correct! 

Additionally, I believe the LE chromalust released in super limited quantities at IMATS Sydney will also be available tomorrow as well. The last few LE chromalusts have gone really quick, so I strongly suggest jumping on it if you want it!

Note: I am unsure of whether or not any of these shades contain carmine as the packaging does not indicate which do just that some may, so best to ask if this is a concern for you. I'm also unsure of whether or not the pro palette will release on the site, though it was offered at IMATS Sydney.


These will retail individually for $12 

Where to Buy

These should release on October 1st through Sugarpill's online store

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby Swatches & Review

sugarpill sparkle baby review and swatches

Product Type

These are pressed shadows with varying finishes. I'm unsure of whether or not these will release in regular individual compacts or these white ones, but I believe they will launch both in a palette as well as individually. 


Sparkle Baby consists of 4 shades.

sugarpill candycrush review
Sugarpill Candycrush

sugarpill candycrush swatch
Sugarpill Candycrush - minty pastel aqua with frost finish

sugarpill frostline review
Sugarpill Frostline

sugarpill frostline swatch
Sugarpill Frostline - pastel lilac with subtle pink sheen

sugarpill hotsy totsy review
Sugarpill Hotsy Totsy

sugarpill hotsy totsy swatch
Sugarpill Hotsy Totsy - raspberry with lilac sparkle

sugarpill kitten parade review
Sugarpill Kitten Parade

sugarpill kitten parade swatch
Sugarpill Kitten Parade - pinky-peach with gold flash

On the Eye

These shades have fairly different textures so I've broken them down by shade.

Candycrush - fairly soft and buttery with decent payoff; slightly pills on itself when picking up color in the compact, but applies nicely

Frostline - this had a moderately firm formula in the pan and given its light color it provided more of a wash of lilac than super opaque coverage, but very pretty; use over a white or colored base for more depth

Hotsy Totsy - this was the hardest of all the shades in this collection, but with a little extra effort you can get a reasonable amount of color; this may stain without something between it and your skin

Kitten Parade - this had a soft, buttery formula with good payoff; absolutely stunning in person

Final Recap 


These will retail individually for $12 

Where to Buy

These should be available on October 1st through Sugarpill's online store

Final Thoughts

This is Sugarpill's softest collection in terms of colors and I think many will find it very wearable. If you're the type that loves Sugarpill shadows, but isn't comfortable with super bright, opaque shades then this may be a great introduction. 

I love the shades and I think they're fantastic for spring! While they're not all as super opaque as other Sugarpill shades, none are bad and all are workable. They are not super similar to anything else Sugarpill has released for pressed shadows so they make great additions to even the largest Sugarpill collections in my opinion. I believe Sugarpill will be releasing these in palette form in addition to individually. 

Overall, I'm glad I have them and look forward to working them into tutorials this spring and summer!

Will you be grabbing these from Sugarpill

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