Hakuhodo Face Brush Reviews & Comparisons - J210, J5521


hakuhodo face brush review and comparison J210, J5521


Hakuhodo is a Japanese company that crafts what are arguably some of the most exquisite natural hair makeup brushes in the world. I discussed them a bit more in depth in a previously post on a number of Hakuhodo blending brushes I purchased.

I recently purchased a number of Hakuhodo makeup brushes and since I've personally only found a few reviews online, I thought it might be helpful to throw in my 2 cents. I've broken these brushes down by type into separate posts, having previously posted about the blending brushes I grabbed and planning to post 1 more eye brush post after this face brush post. I've tried to include comparisons of some of these brushes to other popular makeup brushes similar in shape/size for reference.

Quick Note: Hakuhodo brushes were not originally numbered on the handles, however, they have recently changed that and newly crafted brushes in the "J" line are numbered. As a result, Hakuhodo is currently informing customers they may receive a mixture of numbered and unnumbered J brushes during this transitional period. Almost all of the brushes I received were numbered.

Their shipping is lightning fast and cost me $9, which I believe is flat-rate through their site.

Hakuhodo Face Brush Review & Images - J210, J5521

I have mentioned brush types and shapes below in each review, however, I'm a big believer in using your tools the way you see fit--there are no rules! The way I use a brush may not be the way you'd use it, so this is more guidelines based on my opinion.

hakuhodo j210, hakuhodo j5521 review
Hakuhodo J5521, Hakuhodo J210

Hakuhodo J210 Review

hakuhodo j210 foundation blush brush review
Hakuhodo J210

Brush Shape - round
Brush Type - blush, foundation
Bristle Length - 30mm
Hair Type - goat
Total Brush Length - 170mm
Price - $45
Where to Buy -
Observations - I know this brush is listed as a brush blush, but it's exactly the shape and size I was looking for, for a new foundation brush and I've seen others feel the same. The bristles are super soft and the top is fairly rounded, but not tapered. The brush head is fairly dense, but the bristles have plenty of spring and flex. I'm in love with this brush and will definitely be buying 1 or 2 more! While it could certainly be used for blush, I personally think it's the right size and shape for foundation--though obviously you can play around with it and determine how you like to use it best. I've seen some question how the Hakuhodo J210 compares to the Esum G47, so I've compared them below. 

Hakuhodo J5521 Review

hakuhodo j5521 highlighter brush review
Hakuhodo J5521

Brush Shape - tapered
Brush Type - highlight
Bristle Length - 32mm
Hair Type - goat
Total Brush Length - 167mm
Price - $38
Where to Buy -
Observations - I really love this shape and size brush for highlighting ultra fine, pressed powders. This brush is very soft. It's pretty dense and picks up and distributes product nicely. I bought it because from everything I read and saw it looked very similar to my other favorite highlighting brush, Wayne Goss 02, which I've compared it to below. This is a fantastic brush in my opinion!

Hakuhodo J210 vs Esum G47

hakuhodo j210 vs esum g47 makeup brush comparison
Hakuhodo J5521 vs Esum G47

hakuhodo j210 vs esum g47 japanese makeup brush comparison
Hakuhodo J5521 vs Esum G47

Hakuhodo J210 and Esum G47 Comparison

  • Hakuhodo J210 round, Esum G47 is round and flat
  • Hakuhodo J210 is larger
  • Hakuhodo J210 is softer, but Esum G47 is soft as well
  • Both are similar in overall length
Conclusion - Hakuhodo J210 is nothing like Esum G47. Ironically, Hakuhodo J210 is labeled by the brand as a blush brush and Esum G47 is labeled by the brand as a foundation brush. Personally, for my own uses, I prefer to use them for the opposite purposes--Hakuhodo J210 for foundation and Esum G47 for blush. I think one could easily own both brushes if you liked their individual shapes and sizes, but I don't personally find them to be interchangeable. They are very close in price (Esum G47 is around $42 retail).

Hakuhodo J5521 vs Wayne Goss 02

hakuhodo j5521 versus wayne goss 02 japanese makeup brush comparison
Hakuhodo J5521 vs Wayne Goss 02

hakuhodo J5521 versus Wayne Goss 02 japanese makeup brush comparison
Hakuhodo J5521 vs Wayne Goss 02

Hakuhodo J5521 and Wayne Goss 02 Comparison

  • Both equally (super) soft
  • Hakuhodo J5521 ever so slightly shorter (really small difference as you can see above)
  • Hakuhodo J5521 may be the teeniest bit denser, but honestly it's such a nearly imperceptible difference it's really difficult to tell
  • Both are pure perfection in shape and hair quality
Conclusion - If you guys follow me regularly you know I'm a HUGE fan of Wayne Goss and his lovely, angel-sent brushes. Oh my gosh do I love the ones I own (and look forward to having an equally boarder-line inappropriate relationship with the ones I plan to purchase). The Wayne Goss 02 is my all-time favorite highlighter brush and from everything I'd read and saw prior to purchasing, the Hakuhodo J5521 was supposed to be nearly identical in every way but hair color. I have to say, it really is. Both are beautifully constructed, magically soft and just sheer joys to work with. While my Wayne Goss 02 looks a tiny bit fluffier above, it's only because I didn't intentionally reshape it as a much as I sometimes do while it was drying this last time. It's magic as is the Hakuhodo J5521 and I definitely suggest getting either or both (I plan to pick up 1 more of each) if you're searching for a highlighter brush that deposits the most lovely amount of glow on the highest planes of your (or your clients') face. I've even had those sitting for full face applications comment on how soft my Wayne Goss 02 was before--it's that impressive. Like the soft whisper of a mild fall breeze caressing your face ... ok, getting a little warm over my brushes here. I'll stop! But really, amazing.

Have you purchased any of the brushes mentioned above? What did you think of them?

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