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u by kotex save the undies free samples

Save the Undies with U by Kotex!

Ladies (and guys who want to get personal with us ladies about our lady parts), let's get intimate. I'm going to tell you how you can save the undies!

I have a confession to make. You know I love makeup--that's obvious. And yes, I'm a bit of a makeup hoarder. But those that have known me a long time know I also like to hoard something else ... undies

I'm not joking! This started long, long ago. Vicky's would have their infamous semi-annual sales or a 5 for however much deal and I'd go crazy. I worked in their beauty stores long ago and got a discount on the intimates as well, so that certain helped my madness. I have underwear for every occasion--going out for dinner, dresses, jeans, lounging, dress pants, and yes ... "that time of the month". A friend even dared me in college to do an undies count once and ... let's just say I passed 100 pairs easily.

Let's be serious, I'm a busy work-at-home mom of 2 that's out more than I'm in! I don't have time to mess around when it comes to menstruation and neither do my undies. It doesn't help that I've had ovarian cysts and issues with my hormones and cycle since I was a teen so some months are downright grisly and other months are more typical in terms of flow. TMI? Perhaps, but I think most of you can handle it ;)

Thankfully, U by Kotex has got things covered! Pun intended. They've recently released their super absorbent, undies-protecting U by Kotex pads with 3D Capture Core. This one-of-a-kind core is meant to trap moisture and prevent leaks. Sounds fabulous, right? Who couldn't use a little extra assurance during their time of the month? They're also super thin which is a MUST for me. No mattresses between the legs, thanks!

u by kotex free samples 3d capture core

Did I mention the packaging is super cute? Not that that's the only thing I look for, but it doesn't hurt!

u by kotex free samples 3d capture core

u by kotex free samples 3d capture core

You ready to save those undies? U by Kotex wants to help you get started FOR FREE!

U by Kotex is so confident you'll love them they're giving away free samples, so click here and head over to their dedicated samples landing page and grab yours. 

This article is sponsored by U by Kotex® Pads


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