Kit Revamp Part 1 - MAQPRO Lip and Rouge Palette PP18


maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 review

Kit Revamp Part 1 - MAQPRO Lip and Rouge Palette PP18

I discussed earlier this summer how I planned to revamp my kit for freelancing. In the last few years I've taken far less gigs because of all the things going on with my little guys, but now I'm gearing up to go full-swing this fall. I went through all the products in my kit and felt it was time for a change, so I've begun purchasing some of the new products I've researched and intend to add or replace other products in my kit with. I thought it might be fun for you guys if I shared some of these products. Whether you're a makeup artist or beauty enthusiast, hopefully you'll find some of these posts helpful or at least interesting. The products I'll be featuring in this series will be meant for pro use, but that doesn't mean a beauty enthusiast can't enjoy them!

MAQPRO Lip and Rouge Palette PP18 Review

maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 review

maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 review

The first product I'm going to feature is one I purchased recently from Camera Ready Cosmetics. It's one of Le Maquillage Professional or MAQPRO's popular fard creme palettes in PP18, which is filled with shimmerless, sparkless cheek and lip colors--though obviously they can be used for anything. This is one of the MAQPRO palettes I chose because, as you know, I love cream cheek products and prefer to have a wide variety of lip colors on me as well. While I have palettes and palettes of lipsticks, I really want to condense this part of my kit as much as possible, so I thought this palette might help get me started.

As I mentioned above, these shades have no shimmer or sparkle, making them more versatile and appropriate as dual cheek and lip colors. You can always adjust the finish if you need a shimmer product. These are not super matte, more of a semi-matte, which I prefer on cheeks and lips! 

This petite palette includes 10 wells stuffed full of pigmented creams totaling 30 grams of product. This palette measures 2.5" x 2.25", so it's small but holds a lot.

MAQPRO PP18 Palette Swatches

Just a heads up, for some reason my camera did not pick up some of the colors accurately in the 5-shade shots no matter what I did, so please note my descriptions below.

maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 swatches
MAQPRO PP18 row 1 shades L to R - 145, 146, 148, 151, 152
145 - slightly coral pink
146 - coral med pink
148 - rusty red-brown (showing a tad more brown here than in person)
151 - dusty mauve rose (pulls brown here, but more accurate below)
152 - rosy pink

maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 swatches
L to R - 145, 146, 148

maqpro lip and rouge palette pp18 swatches
L to R - 151, 152
maqpro pp18 rouge and lip swatches
MAQPRO PP18 Row 2 L to R - 153, 154, 155, 157, 159
153 - slightly orange pink-red (pulls a little more red above than in person)
154 - close to primary red (pulls slightly more orange in the pic)
155 - raspberry fuchsia
157 - slightly coral med deep pink
159 - med salmon (in the group shot above it pulled really deep orange, see swatch below for more accurate shot)
*153 and 154 appear closer in this pic than they are in person.

maqpro pp18 rouge and lip swatches
L to R - 153, 154, 155

maqpro pp18 rouge and lip swatches
L to R - 157, 159

MAQPRO Lip and Rouge Palette PP18 Overview

Product Type - pro colored creams 
Finish - semi-matte
On the Skin - well-pigmented, long-wearing (some staining on bare skin); blends nicely once warmed slightly on the skin
Price - $52.61 retail (at which offers free shipping over $60+)
Where to Buy - I purchased mine directly from You may also be able to find this palette at other pro makeup retailers. 
My Thoughts - I absolutely love this palette. The variety of pink and red shades is exactly what I was looking for in this specific color range and the formula itself is great. I also like how well these apply and wear on both cheeks and lips--they can be blended with other products to sheer them down or alter the finish if you feel the need. I plan to buy a few more palettes with other lip shades and finishes as MAQPRO offers such a wide variety. I'll be sure to share those down the line as well. I think if you like Kevyn Aucoin's Creamy Glow cheek/lip creams (also in my kit), you'll like these. These are more pigmented and less sheer, but almost similar to a degree in texture. Overall, very happy with this palette and excited to continue to work with it.

On a side note, I'd just like to mention that my experiences with Camera Ready Cosmetics have been phenomenal! I have several pro makeup retailers I purchase from, but 2 stand out to me--CRC being one of them. They're extremely professional and quick to answer any questions--they even offer chat through their website while you shop. Their prices are great to boot and their pro program is nice. I highly, highly recommend them if you enjoy good customer service while shopping for your pro products. 

Are you familiar with MAQPRO? Have you tried any of the petite palettes?

Note: This product was purchased by me and all opinions above are my own based on my personal experience. 


  1. I love the colors in this! The price is actually pretty good too considering how much you get. I'll have to check these out! Thanks!

    1. Yay! Welecom ;) It's definitely a great value for the amount of super pigmented product you get.


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