Tutorial: Easy Radiant Orchid Gradient Lip Using OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencils and Lip Tar

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how to create radiant orchid gradient lip using occ cosmetic colour pencils and lip tar

Hey, lovelies, I'm back!

I absolutely love wearing a subtle gradient lip, perhaps even a tad more now that OCC's new pencils have been released--they are amazing! Before I left last week, I posted a feature on the look above, which included a gradient lip. I received quite a few questions about how to do it and what I used. I thought it might be helpful to dedicate a post to it as I don't believe I've done so in the past, so here's a quick break-down on how I create gradient lips using OCC's pencils. Keep in mind you can create a gradient with any combo of colors, these are simply the ones I chose to create a Radiant Orchid effect.

What you'll need:

  • OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Anime
  • OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil in Feathered
  • OCC lip tar in Narcissus

Step 1 - Line and fill outer portion of lips

Line and fill the edges of your lips using OCC Anime pencil. Don't worry about filling in the center. I like to leave a lemon-shaped area on the center of my lips unfilled for the lighter color.

Step 2 - Fill center of lips

Fill in the center of your lips with OCC Feathered pencil. Blend the edge of Feathered into the edge of Anime. I often gently press my lips together to make sure everything is even once I'm done.

how to create radiant orchid gradient lip using occ cosmetic colour pencils and lip tar
This is what the finished pencil effect should look like

Step 3 - Fill in lips with lip tar from the center

Go over your lips with OCC Narcissus lip tar working from the center outwards. Try to be a bit light-handed to prevent moving the liner around too much while work. If you begin from the outside not only will your application on the outer edges be a bit heavier and potentially bleed, but you'll also mix the darker outer color in with the center and possibly end up with less of a gradient effect. 

how to create radiant orchid gradient lip using occ cosmetic colour pencils and lip tar
Here's the final effect once Narcissus lip tar was applied!

Now you can either leave them as-is for a matte finish or use a clear gloss over your lips. This look is super easy to create and can easily be done in almost as little time as it takes to apply your usual liner/lipstick. 

What do you think? Do you like the gradient lip look?


  1. This is so freaking gorgeous!

  2. This is so cool - And a PERFECT gradiant!

  3. This looks completely amazing on you!

    1. Thank you! Gradient lips like this make everyone's lips look more dimensional and fuller!

  4. Wow, amazing job with the ombre look! So beautiful!


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