Cosmetic Glitter Not Approved by FDA for Cosmetics?!

I stumbled across THIS earlier, which essentially states that the FDA has determined that cosmetic glitter is a color additive, but unfortunately it's not been approved for us in cosmetics by the FDA, therefore the FDA is giving the cosmetic industry a grace period during which they will move forward on a "discretionary" basis until the grace period is over. There is not explanation as to why or when this period will end. The EU has approved cosmetic microfine glitter for cosmetic use in all cosmetics.

I was curious as to whether or not this was true so I looked up the FDA list of approved color additives and sure enough, glitter is not on the list (nor the components used to make cosmetic glitter). See the list HERE.

HERE is a list of the FDA's regulations regarding cosmetic color additives. 

So what does this mean?! Will the FDA get over themselves and approve cosmetic glitter for cosmetic use or will they decided this, like neon shadows, will be something we have to smuggle into the country from outside sources?

Ay yi yi...


  1. Their decision is totally unnecessary as *craft* glitter should be the glitter prohibited from use in makeup. Cosmetic grade has shown to be safe to use in eye makeup, as well as lip products, and I hope that cosmetic giants will rally against the FDA's decision and have them reconsider.

    1. I'm 100% with you! I guess we'll see what unfolds. I just find this so ridiculous :/


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