Friday, April 27, 2012

Post-Consumer Plastic Water Bottle Eden Bags - Coming soon to BeautyPopShop!

Update (4/30): We have received the go-ahead from the company to price these as we see fit. Suggested retail is $22, but we've decided to price these at $19.99! We want you to feel as though you're getting a fabulous value ;) They're eco-friendly, cute, reusable ... and a great price to boot! 

Let us know your favorite designs, we plan to stock these this Spring/Summer. 

I've been searching high and low for fabulous, eco-friendly beauty products for you guys and when I came across these bags I though--I know these aren't beauty, but these are FABULOUS! After all, what makeup lover doesn't need a reusable tote for those many beauty hauls?! ;)

Made of either all post-consumer water bottle plastic polyester or a mixture of post-consumer water bottle plastic polyester and 100% natural upholster cotton, these reusable tote bags are versatile, conscientious, and have come in super cute designs!

I purchased a sample so that I could experience one first-hand before offering them to you and it came today! I ordered the design labeled - Midnight Topiary.  The following pictures were taken by me for BeautyPopShop as I wanted to show you the bag in all its versatility!

Here it is!

Midnight Topiary - this is the tote completely open. As you can see in the top center, there is a snap to help keep the things you put inside where you put them ;) The bag is 14" x 12.5" x 8" with a 11.5" drop over the shoulder.

Midnight Topiary - there are snaps on the inside edges so that you can draw the outer corners towards the middle, giving it a different shape! Love it!

Midnight Topiary - Believe it or not, this is super easy to re-fold! I actually folded the one in the picture myself!!! It has a neat little bungee-type thing that reminds me of a thick hair tie that holds it in place. This took me seconds to fold up myself after I read the instructions on the back of the tag! When folded up, my bag became 5.5" x 3.25", so almost like a thick wallet!

So what do you think?! I'm in love! 
We've been debating when we'll officially start carrying these and we've toyed around with the idea of a pre-order sale (we offer 10% off in our pre-order sales and this would qualify for $5 flat rate shipping) if enough people show interest. There are other designs available as well. Take a peek at some of our favorites! There's also a 100% black one I don't have a picture of that's made ENTIRELY of post-consumer plastic water bottle polyster!!!

"Box Step"


"Sea Grass"



Which is your favorite?



  1. I love these!!!! I am torn between Midnight Topiary and Box Step. How much would they retail for?


    1. I love them, too! Those are 2 of my favorites ;) We're still waiting to find out whether or not the suggested retail price is a "must" or if we can price it ourselves, but I should have an official price ASAP!

      There is a smaller size tote (all of the same designs) , but it is less versatile in that it doesn't have the additional snaps on the edges to draw them inwards and give it a different shape and of course it's small.

      The dimensions for the small bag are: 10”t x 8”w x 4”d

      I personally prefer the larger bags because I feel like they're not so large they're cumbersome, but they definitely fit a decent amount! We weren't originally planning on stocking smaller totes when the time came, but if enough people wanted them we definitely would. I just think the large ones are the perfect size lol.

  2. Midnight Topiary is my favorite!


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