Friday, April 27, 2012

10% Off Priti NYC on BeautyPopShop for Pre-order

Update: To allow you to take advantage of the extra 10% off this weekend (4/28-4/29) we've automatically priced the polishes at 10% off so that you can still use the BDAY10 promo code for a total of 20% off!

As I've been sorting through products and indies/brands I want to feature on BeautyPopShop, my goals for the products we offer have taken shape more and more. I really want to feature unique products that can't be found "just anywhere" next to eco-friendly/healthy beauty products, since this is something that I'm personally dedicated to. As a result, one of the brands we plan to carry is Priti NYC and Priti Princess (their kids line)!

Don't worry, we will definitely be carrying small indies as well, but given the nail polish base scarcity, we may not be featuring any small indies until later this summer. In the mean time, we still want to increase the products we offer and this line of eco-friendly, 3Free polish is one of the ways we'd like to start ;)

We've decided that we'd like to offer certain colors for pre-order! Essentially, we've hand-picked some of our favorite Priti NYC and Priti Princess colors for Spring/Summer. We will be offering them on our site for the next week or so for pre-order. Customers that pre-order from this sale get an automatic 10% off these polishes during our pre-order week-long sale!

No promo code necessary!

Also, pre-order purchases qualify for flat-rate shipping of $5 if they are polish-only!

To order, go to the Eco-Friendly Nail Polish section on!

Since the software we're using for our shopping cart is limited at the moment, I've provided images of the polishes up for pre-order below. We're going to be changing our shopping cart software in the near future, but for now this will have to work!

These are the polishes we will be offering (sorry for the small size pics, I'm waiting for larger ones) - all of these polishes can be seen on Priti NYC's site as well:

Turkish Sorbet Spring 2012 (.43 fl oz - $12.50 each)

Day Flower - muted blue-violet

Horned Poppy - light pearly yellow

Lungwort - light minty green

Red Maple - coral

Priti NYC Flowers (other collections - .43 fl oz - $12.50 each)

Baby Toes Cactus - bright yellow

Fishbone Cactus - bright green

Gatsy Dahlia - bright orange

Silver Flare Peony - bright pink

Priti Princess (.28 fl oz - $8 each)
You can see swatches of these polishes on my facebook page HERE.

Glow Leaf - Sheer, barely tinted light green with holographic micro-glitter *glows in the dark*

Phoenix Feathers - Large, medium, and small size red glitter in clear base

Rainbow Fish - Multicolored, multi-size glitter in clear base

Snow White's Lips - Cherry red with subtle orange, red, and gold flecks

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