Sale Alert!: Upcoming Cult Nails $5 Sale

For those of you that haven't heard, Cult Nails--the genius creators of Unicorn Puke aka Clairvoyant among other fabulous shades, is having a $5 sale to celebrate reaching 5,000 followers on Facebook! I was on Facebook with many other polish lovers the night Cult Nails hit that magical number and it was fun to see Cult Nails promoted and the number creep up until it finally hit 5k.

Now, there are a few rules (and rightly so) for this sale to make it pleasant for purchasers and positive for Cult Nails. You can read Cult Nail's post on the sale HERE, but here's a brief recap:

1. Limited edition shades will not be available for $5, but all other in-stock shades will be.

2. The sale will include Wicked Fast, Get It On, Captivated, and Black Out (woohoo!!!!)

3. There will be a 2-polish limit per person, allowing more people to participate! To clarify, this is 2 polishes per person, not household! Cult Nails completely acknowledges that there may be multiple polish lovers in one household--I swear it's genetic looking at my younger sisters haha--so no worries on that front.

4. This sale is for individual bottles of polish only, not collections or discounted collections.

This sale will start April 7th at 12am EST and last for 1 day. Is there anything you're eyeing in particular? I'm really having a hard time deciding on just 2, but perhaps if my sisters and I have some common must-haves we can share!

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