Swatch & Review: Zoya True Collection Spring 2012

I was so excited to be able to swatch these for you guys, I had to post them today! The True Collection is one of Zoya's Spring collections and it's mixture of 6 cream and metallic in varying shades. Without further ado...

Zoya True Collection
Zoya True Collection (left to right) - Cho, Farah, Bevin, Skylar, Tru, Lotus

As you can see, there's a slight difference between Cho and Farah. Cho is a vanilla color with a very subtle silver shimmer while Farah is a beige nude cream that has a super subtle green undertone. They are very similar in person, though not identical.

As you can see, Bevin is a lovely muted sage cream and Skylar is a gorgeous blue with gold and silver flecks.

Tru is a gorgeous grape-y purple with fiery flecks while Lotus is a grayed-purple with warm flecks.

The Polishes
Here's my opinion on each of the Zoya True Collection polishes:

Application/Opacity - Of all of the polishes, this is one of the ones I had slight trouble with. It was a bit on the thicker side for me and took more effort to get a nice flat effect. I found that 2 coats left this color completely opaque.

Overall Appeal - This color reminds me a lot of some of Zoya's other nudes. There's definitely a slight difference from Shay and Pandora as this is more of a straight vanilla, but it is very similar. I think this may be a good option for someone looking for beige nudes.

Application/Opacity - Similar to Cho, Farah was also slightly on the thicker side and a bit more finicky for me. I was able to achieve a nice even effect, but it took some extra effort. Two coats left Farah completely opaque.

Overall Appeal - This is very similar to Cho, though in person you can see the slightly green undertone. This also does not have the subtle silver shimmer that Cho has. Again, I think this is similar to some of Zoya's other nudes, but for someone looking for a non-pink nude this is a good option color-wise.   

Application/Opacity - Bevin was a bit on the thicker side, but not quite as finicky as Cho and Farah. 2 coats left this polish completely opaque. 

Overall Appeal - I really like this color and I'm a big fan of pretty cream polishes! If you're looking for a pretty Spring green to help you transition out of your winter polishes this is it.  

Application/Opacity - Skylar applied beautifully! While you could probably get away with 2 coats, I preferred Skylar with 3 thin coats to really give the blue depth and make sure the glittering flecks really pop.

Overall Appeal - I love this color and I love that the flecks are noticable! I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it when I first saw it, but it is lovely and not a dupe for anything I own that I can think off right off the top of my head.   

Application/Opacity - Tru applied beautifully as well. It's definitely opaque with 2 coats, but you may want to do a 3rd coat for a little extra something.

Overall Appeal - I really like this and in general, I tend to be super picky about purple polishes for some reason! One of the things I really liked about this was how obvious the flecks in the polish were even on the nail.    

Application/Opacity - This applied well and was completely opaque with 2 coats.

Overall Appeal - Lotus is a pretty purple and the flecks in this polish are as noticeable as Skylar and Tru.    

These polishes are priced at $8 per bottle retail.

Where to Buy
You can purchase Zoya True Collection on Zoya's website.   

Final Thoughts
I think this is a lovely collection that may be a good option for anyone looking for Spring polishes that are a bit more sophisticated and work-friendly than some of the brighter collections being released. As I'm sure you already know, I'm a huge fan of bright polishes (I own quite a few bright Zoya shades), but I think these are lovely additions to my collection and great transitional colors to take you from winter to Spring! I did have a little trouble with the application of Cho, Farah, and a bit with Bevin, but with some extra effort they're quite lovely. The other 3 shades were wonderful to apply and just as pretty to look at.

What do you think of these Spring shades?

 (Provided by PR for Review)  


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