Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Swatch & Review: Zoya Fleck Effect Spring 2012

I love fleck glitter polishes as I'm sure you've already noticed, so when I heard Zoya was releasing some this Spring I nearly died! Here they are...

Zoya Fleck Effect Collection
Zoya Fleck Effect Collection (left to right) - Maisie, Opal, Chloe

The Fleck Effect glazes are a combination of tinted bases with mylar glitter--so lovely!

The Polishes
Here's my review of each of the Fleck Effect glazes:

Color description - Sheer blue base with blue-green flecks

Effect - This fleck glitter glaze results in a super subtle blue tint and a splash of fiery green reflects. While it's pretty on it's own, it is pretty subtle. When combined with polishes (especially dark ones) it is much more obvious.     

Maisie - Doesn't this remind you of tropical water? It makes me miss Hawaii :(

Maisie on its own - 3 coats

Maisie Over Other Polishes
As Fleck Effects were created to complement the True Collection (though they can absolutely be paired with other colors), I wanted to show you what Maisie looks like over some of the True Collection polishes. So pretty! 
Left to Right - Maisie over Farah, Bevin, Skylar, Tru.

Color description - Sheer green base with green-blue reflects.

Effect - Opal results in a slight, slight green tint with gorgeous bursts of reflective green. While this is also pretty on its own, it is even more brilliant over other colors (especially dark ones). I also want to note, it is nearly identical to Maisie. I was really hoping there would be a significant difference, but aside from the very subtle tint of their bases, they're identical.

I swear I get such a thrill every time I take pictures of fleck glitter polishes!

Opal on its own - 3 coats

Opal Over Other Polishes
Again, I wanted to show you Opal over some of the True Collection polishes.
Gorgeous, right? But here you can see how similar Opal looks to Maisie over other polishes.

Color description - Sheer pink base with multicolored reflective flecks.

Effect - Chloe results in a slight pink tint and an explosion of fiery colors. This is definitely not identical to the other 2. It's super pretty!

Chloe is crazy pretty!!!

Cloe on its own - 3 coats

Chloe Over Other Polishes
I really wanted to show you how pretty Chloe is over other polishes--can't wait to put it over a super dark polish later on, too!
Believe it or note, Chloe is even more brilliant in person. Sorry for the slight mess around my cuticle with Bevin, I was getting a little tired by the time I swatched this last round! ;)
Zoya Fleck Effect glazes are priced at $8 retail. This is definitely cheaper than many other fleckies out there!

Where to Buy
You can purchase the Fleck Effect polishes on Zoya's website 

Final Thoughts
I really like these fleck glitter polishes, but I'm sure you've already guessed that! The only thing I will say is that Opal and Maisie are almost identical over other polishes, so you may want to take this into consideration. I think they look lovely over the Zoya True Collection and I was surprised to see how much I liked each of these over Farah! Farah on its own isn't my favorite color from the True Collection, but paired with any one of these quickly becomes a delicate, fun mani in my opinion--love!

What do you think of Zoya Fleck Effect glazes?      

 (Provided by PR for Review)  


  1. I am patiently waiting for the release date on these. Love!!

  2. @Lizzy O. They're available for pre-order Jan 10th, the official release date is January 13th ;)

  3. great swatches!! I can't wait to get my hands on these!


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