Saturday, January 7, 2012

Swatch & Review: Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Palette

I entered the Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic contest a few months ago and ironically, I won one of the palettes! I thought I'd swatch this for you guys since the shadows in the palette can be individually purchased if you like them and don't want the entire palette.

Wild & Chic Palette

The Wild & Chic Shadow Palette is a part of the limited edition holiday collection released by Make Up For Ever this past holiday season.

The palette consists of 6 shadows and a mini Aqua Eyes pencil liner.

Make Up For Ever lists 2 diagrams on the back of the box with instructions on how to create 2 separate looks using the shadows in this palette for anyone looking for a bit of inspiration.

As you can see, the palette opens up to reveal the 6 shadows, mini liner and a mirror. There's nothing wrong with the mirror, I'm just super odd and I tend to not use the mirrors so I like to leave the plastic protector on them so they don't get covered with shadow--random makeup palette habit!

The Shadows & Swatches
One thing I really like about Make Up For Ever's shadow naming/numbering system is that the shadows are very often just like their color names. Less confusing with such a wide portfolio of colors! All of these shadows have been swatched over Stila's Prime Pot Waterproof Eye Shadow Primer in Taffy. I tried this primer and didn't really like the way it felt on my eyes (I found it a bit drying, but I'm very picky with shadow primers), however, I thought I'd give it a try with swatching since I hate to use up my favorite primers to swatch! ;) 

These are the shadows of Make Up For Ever's Wild & Chic Palette! I've numbered them with their MUFE number so that you can easily purchase them individually if you like one or a few.

84 Bronze
Color description - This color is really more of a blackened bronze than actual bronze to me. The base is a matte almost-black with a subtle bronze shimmer over it.

Texture/Payoff - This is not one of MUFE's best shadows. It is very hard consistency-wise and the payoff is a bit disappointing. I think that this could be workable with the right primer and if you wanted a soft look or wanted to blend this into the crease of a lighter neutral look, but if you're looking for a striking bronze shadow this is not it.

123 Khaki
Color description -  A shimmery safari-like khaki. Very aptly named!

Texture/Payoff - This is a lovely soft shadow that applied light as air, yet has decent payoff.

152 Pearly Light Pink
Color description - This is exactly like its name, a pearly light pink. I think this is quite pretty and would make an excellent highlight color. 

Texture/Payoff - This has a lovely texture and great payoff!

17 Espresso
Color description - Matte deep brown.

This made my skin look awful with its deep color, but as you can see the payoff is great!
Texture/Payoff - I was absolutely shocked by how amazingly wonderful the application and payoff of this shadow was! It applied perfectly and the payoff was super. I'm always impressed when matte colors apply super pigmented.

122 Metallic Copper
Color description - If you've ever wanted a copper-penny shadow this is it!!!! If you melted a penny down on to your eyes this is what it would look like. I seriously think everyone should own this color!

Texture/Payoff - This had a lovely consistency and the payoff was also very good!

126 Yellow Beige
Color description - This is a shimmery beige that quite honestly reminds me of my skin color. I think this would work very well as a highlighter for anyone, but especially for someone with an olive complexion like me! Always exciting! 

Texture/Payoff - The texture is very light and silky and the payoff is great, though it is definitely more of a highlighter in my opinion than a super vibrant color.
This almost looks pinkish, but it's really more flesh-toned. It matches my skin and makes it glow in person!

Aqua Eyes Liner - 0L Matte Black
Color description - This is a very black, matte liner.

Texture/Pigmentation - This is definitely a pretty creamy liner, though there is a bit of pull if you try to fill in any part of your lid--a tackiness almost. It is blendable and smudgy, but I hate any pull on my lids so I tend to only use this liner (which is one of my regularly used liners) to line my waterline. This is very waterproof and budget-proof so perfect for that!

The Make Up For Ever Wild & Chic Palette is priced at $36 retail (I believe--can't find it anywhere). Individual Make Up For Ever shadows are priced at $19 retail.

Where to Buy
This palette isn't listed on, though perhaps you can find one in a store. Since this was a limited edition palette it may be a bit difficult to find now.

Final Thoughts
I was surprised that I liked these shadows as much as I did! With the exception of 84 Bronze, these shadows were very soft and had amazing payoff. While 84 Bronze was fairly hard and didn't have the best payoff, I think it would blend well into the crease of a neutral eye look. If you're looking for some nice neutrals to add to your kit or collection you may want to look at some of these as individual shadows. In regards to the rest of the Wild & Chic collection, I've been enamored by the Wild & Chic Aqua Cream Collection since the first time I saw it, but haven't had the opportunity to get it yet. It is still available on 

What do you think of these shadows? Would you buy the palette or just pick up a few of the individual shades?


  1. Great pictures! They all are nice but I really like the 123 color.
    I also do not like using the mirrors in these either, I took the plastic off my naked palette like a yr after buying it lol.
    I wouldn't buy the palette only because I am cheap! but it looks really nice.

  2. @*MoNtseR GiRl* Thanks! Yeah I was shocked by how much I liked most of these!


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