Spotlight: Indie-Blogger Lipstick Collaboration

If you follow either UK beauty blogger @LondonLipgloss or @RockalilyLondon (a London-based indie lipstick company) on twitter, you've probably already heard about the amazing collaboration that has occurred between them. That's right, London Lipgloss and Rockalily have concocted a beautiful new lipstick called ZOMG!

The color looks like a gorgeous, no-holds-barred fuchsia that can't be easily duped (love it!). From what I've read about Rockalily's lipsticks their formula and wear is to die for! The price for us here in the US is about $21.46, which puts it up there with some of the more popular high-end brands. It looks as if shipping is cheap at about $3.83 for 1-3 lipsticks and about $5.37 for 4 lipsticks. While this may be a bit too pricey for some of you, for the rest that love indies and don't mind paying a bit more to support them it may be worth it!

I am dying to try out Rockalily's lipsticks. Of the four core shades offered, I think I'm most drawn to Pompadour Pink--though they all sound fun! I've also fallen in love with one of the limited edition lipsticks--Mermaid--which seems to be sold out at the moment.

If you'd like to see ZOMG, check out London Lipgloss' blog post on the upcoming Rockalily lipstick HERE.
ZOMG will be available after January 30th and I suggest you mark your calendars if you want this shade as I have a feeling it's going to fly "off the shelves"!

What do you think? Will you be lining up for this amazing collaboration lipstick?

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