Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spotlight: If you can't find it, make it! Nail Polish Rack

I swear if there's anything makeup-lovers have in common it is the constant challenge of finding storage for your ever-growing collection. Mine has taken over my desk/work area, part of the bathroom, part of my room, etc. It's so hard to find exactly what you need for your products. I don't want to shove mine in drawers where I have to sift through them to find what I want or stack them on my desk because things are literally pouring out of ever other conceivable space, but unfortunately that's part of what happens for me!

Take nail polish for example. I store mine in drawers mostly, but I can't see them and end up rummaging through a million bottles to find what I want. I've been looking at nail polish racks for months and couldn't find anything I liked. They were either too ugly, too retail-looking, etc. I knew I wanted one that could hang on the wall, looked nice, and that could hold all the different nail polish bottle shapes and sizes I have. I finally realized that if I wanted a nail polish rack that suited my needs I'd have to make one!

Hubs was a carpenter when we first got married and we've put our individual skills together (me designing and him bringing those designs to live) on numerous occasions. I wanted a 2-kid play kitchen made of sustainable wood with eco-friendly, natural paint and no chemicals. I couldn't find one I liked so ... we made it! Well, I need a nail polish rack that was everything I could ever want or need so ... we made it!

The design is modern as that's often my taste when it comes to furniture/decor (though retro appeals to me on occasion as well). I wanted the illusion of a floating nail polish shelf that could hold a decent amount, but also give me the ability to get creative with placement. Rather than creating one giant nail polish rack, I wanted to build them so that I could shift things around as needed by having units. I like options and flexibility. What if I move my desk? What if I want one in my bathroom for convenience and the rest somewhere else?

After some planning, trips to the lumber store, and plenty of banging, my ideal nail polish rack was born!

Here it is! Excuse the "random" watermark, we actually put these up for sale on my Etsy store!

So what's so special about it? Other than the fact that it looks nicer than anything I've seen as of yet, I built this with my wants and needs in mind. For example, I build the shelves wide enough that they could fit narrow nail polish bottles like butter LONDON and OCC front-to-back so you can fit more!

Enough room to store polishes like this in this manner, but not so much room that popular polishes such as OPI, China Glaze, and Zoya are floating around like nuts!

I also love that it really does have that "floating" effect!

So there you have it, I just wanted to share. This is a project we've been working on intermittently for the last couple weeks. I'm so happy with the results and I'm so excited to hang a bunch more and get some of my storage and work space back!!! 

I have several other storage ideas in mind that are in the works. I'll be sure to share the finished products here once they're done!


  1. Honestly.... the BEST looking polish rack I've ever seen!!!!! I think the clear ones look cheap and tacky so if I had one, I'd hand it up somewhere in my closet. This one, would look good out in the open!

    1. Thank you! Right? They always look so cheap or as if they should be hanging in a nail place somewhere haha.


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