Seasonal Trend Alert: Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

Do you research upcoming makeup trends the way others do fashion trends? I do! Not that makeup trends completely influence my personal choice in makeup, but I like to know what's trendy, what products I can expect to see come out, and I think it's fun.

Harper's Bazaar has reported its Spring 2012 makeup trend predictions based on what's been seen on the runway. Since fashion is always so far ahead of itself, I'm not surprised Spring makeup trends are being discussed in January! ;)

Spring 2012 Makeup Trends

1. Red Lips
I'm honestly glad that red lips will continue to be trendy as I naturally tend to wear red. Also, I wasn't a huge fan of the purple-tinted colors we saw in past seasons--just not my personal preference! I'm not going to lie, I'd like to see some vibrant pinks as well (my other favorite lip color), but red is very flattering on most people in my opinion. Apparently the red lips seen on the runway have been in a broad variety of shades, so that's fun! I'm a vintage/pin-up red fan, but I'll wear almost any pretty red that isn't too dark.

2. Modern Cat Eyes
Oh winged liner, how I love you! If you follow my blog or follow me on twitter, you may already have the sneaking suspicion that I'm a fan of cat eyes. I love the winged liner look of the 40's, which left the bottom lash line unlined, really drawing attention to the fabulous upper-winged lash line. I guess it's not all that surprising since Marilyn Monroe (one of my #1 comediennes) has been a favorite of mine since I was a teen. Known for her "bedroom eyes"--a combination of a sultry, inverted crease and winged liner--I think that particular look is sexy on everyone! Apparently the cat eyes seen on the runway weren't all vintage in nature as many makeup artists have found exciting and modern ways to reinvent this timeless look with crazy colors, new embellishments, glitter, etc. I'm all for fun cat eye looks!

3. Power Brows
60's inspired brows are apparently in. What does this mean? Harper's Bazaar describes them as darkened, brushed up, and shaped with dramatic arches. What do I think of this look? As someone with black hair that deals with a constant struggle to fill in my brows in the most natural shade possible (this can be a trial for anyone with black brows), I hate any trend that has to do with brows. I personally like to keep mine neat and shapely, but trends never influence mine. If I find a brow pigment or pencil that works I stick with it. I have small brows that are on the thinner side too, so I work with a shape that best complements my face and utilizes what I have. For anyone with fuller brows in lighter colors (or anyone with finicky brows like mine should you be so adventurous), if you are bold enough to play with your brows I applaud you!

4. Super Smoky Eyes
I'm sure you already know that I love smoky eyes, and I really, really do, but this isn't anything we haven't seen for several seasons already. Granted the ones hitting the runway were extreme, while I love this look I'm kind of shocked that yet again it's a trend.

5. Sun-kissed Cheeks
Apparently sun-kissed or even slightly burnt-looking cheeks are in! This cheek-trend aims at mimicking the look one would get from being out in the sun a lot on the apples of their cheeks by contouring the high points of cheeks with peachy bronze. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I have an olive complexion with neutral undertones and  heart shaped face with high cheek bones. I like having a bronzed look in the spring/summer, but I'm having a little difficulty with the pictures I'm seeing of models with overly bronzed cheeks. If you're fair and you have super bronzed cheeks ... it just looks synthetic to me. I naturally tan easily, but my entire face, not just my cheeks, get evenly bronzey. In fact, my cheeks get pinker (even with sunscreen daily). I don't know, maybe I'm just nuts. Flushed? Yes. Bronzed? Not so sure.

Does anyone else find it a little amusing that we're aiming to replicate an "athletic, healthy" look? Not that we should be crisping ourselves in the sun (I did more than my fair share when I was young--regret!), but if you go out with sunscreen on won't you naturally accomplish this look to a degree?

6. White-Silver Metallics on Eyes
Whitened-silver metallics are in this Spring! I'm pretty excited about this trend since I find it so complimentary on so many people. I love moonbeam-like makeup glow!

7. Neutral Faces Pair with a Pop of Color
Similar (in my opinion) to the trend last year in which a pop of color was given to eyes using a vibrant liner on the lower lash line, Spring 2012 has apparently reinvented that trend and taken it a bit further. This trend involves wearing a neutral face, but adding a vibrant pop of color somewhere on your eyes (lid, lower lashline, etc.). I think this trend can be done nicely or look a bit too random. I guess I like polished looks so a super neutral face that doesn't even include eye liner but has a bright shadow isn't "finished" looking to me.

8. Dolly Lashes
I was almost giddy when I saw that this is a Spring 2012 trend! I love doll-like falsies. I have no idea why, but I really, really do. I like natural-looking falsies as well, but I get extremely excited over falsies that look as though they were pulled off a doll! Yay!

9. Glittery Eyes
Glitter is apparently in. While some looks were subtle (glittery and subtle--kind of an ironic combination), most were incredibly glittery and looked as though each eye had been hit with a glitter bomb! I can see a lot of people liking this and I can see a lot of people leaving this. Me? I don't tend to wear a lot of actual cosmetic glitter, but I do have a lot of glittery shadows. I don't know, I probably won't indulge in this too much, but it could be fun for some more exciting looks!

10. Soft Rosy Lips
Talk about juxtaposition! On the one hand you have red lips as a trend, on the other hand you have subtle rosy lips. This look is meant to be very natural looking, using creamy lipsticks patted on and blotted. Very natural looking. I'm not opposed to this lip look by any means, but since most of my colors are vibrant I may have to do some shopping! ;)

11. Natural Looking Skin
Another contrasting trend (in comparison to the sun-kissed cheek trend), untouched-looking skin is also in this spring. I love dewy, youthful, natural looking skin! It's a little sad to me that now that I'm almost 30 I actually have to work for the youthful, perfect complexion I used to get so many compliments on--with nothing but moisturizer on back then! Harper's Bazaar suggests achieving this dewy look by using a good moisturizer and hydrating foundation with light-reflecting particles. What's your favorite foundation? I am insanely picky between finding a good color match, finding something that doesn't irritate my skin, and finding something that feels weightless!

12. Fleck Glitter Nail Polish
This is my own addition to the list and I definitely acknowledge that it is not the only nail polish trend, but it is one of the ones I'm most excited about! Fleck glitter nail polish seems to be popping up more and more in new collections. We've already seen it in 2011 from a few companies like Nails Inc., Cult Nails, and Finger Paints, but now companies like Zoya (Fleck Effects) and Essie are jumping on the bandwagon! I'm interested to see if some of the more budget-friendly companies available at drugstores and superstores will also replicate this lovely look. We'll see!

Final Thoughts

I like many of these trends, but most of them are things we've already seen in some form. My favorite are the cat eyes, dolly lashes, natural looking skin, and red lips (though I don't dislike the rosy lips). My least favorites are probably the bronzed cheeks and power brows. Either way, I expect to see some amazing new products this year and can't wait to see what some of my favorite brands from 2011 do in 2012!

You can see the original piece done by Harper's Bazaar HERE.

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