Sale Alert!: A-England's First Anniversary Promo

If you follow my blog you've heard me mention A-England, a newer, 3-free nail polish indie company based in the UK that's caught my eye. For those of you who've had your interest peaked, now it the perfect time to give their polishes a try!

A-England is celebrating their 1 year anniversary and in celebration, has generously offered a 30% off promo code on the Mythicals Collection! Keep in mind, they're offering free worldwide shipping! I nearly feel off my chair when I saw that, it's amazingly generous!

Promo and expiration - See below.

How to use the code - There seems to have been a few questions on facebook regarding how to use the promo code. In a recent comment, A-England stated - "In any of the checkout process pages (e.g. Address, Shipping, Payment), click on the 'Summary' link and in that page you will find the field to enter the code."

Where to Buy - You can purchase on the A-England website HERE

Hopefully that will clear up any confusion for those of you that want to buy! 

If you're curious as to which shades I'm eye-ing, I love the swatches I've seen for Tristam (deep blue with holographic glitter), Lady in the Lake (purple with holographic glitter), Iseult (dainty pink with subtle silver shimmer--so pretty), Avlaon (an amazing purple that glows with subtle incandescent shimmer), and Excalibur (platinum foil). They all look lovely, but these stood out. From what I've seen from other bloggers, the formula appears to be amazing.


  1. Just made my first order. May have been a tad large. Oops.

  2. Yay! I love everything I've seen from this company so far. I had to really reign myself in given how slow work has been for me because I want everything, but can't spend like I normally would right now ;) I look forward to a couple goodies though!


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