Monday, January 2, 2012

Haul: PinkWeekend Sugarpill Haul

I know that I'm a little late in posting this, but between shipping time, the holidays, and being sick I just haven't gotten a chance to do it before now, but I thought you'd like to see what I got anyway! I plan to post a large Sugarpill swatchfest very soon of all of the Sugarpill shadows I currently have, so this post doesn't include swatches.

I had literally been waiting all year to take part in the notorious Sugarpill PinkWeekend sale I'd heard about from veteran customers. I knew I'd be at the front of the line on Black Friday with credit card in hand to snatch up some of the shadows that hadn't made their way into my growing Sugarpill collection. On a side note, can I just say that I really like the way the pink tissue paper looked as a background? No idea why I like it so much! I'm also waiting to hear when Sugarpill plans to release the new shadows and lashes I heard will be released this year. So exciting!

There's a kitten in my mailbox!
I cannot even begin to describe how adorable I think Sugarpill's shipping boxes are! So freaking cute :) I contribute to branding/brand identities (content-wise) for a lot of different companies, so when I see companies that I personally love committing to a strong brand presence I get extra happy!

Inside the Box
This was the first peek I took into my box--so exciting! I wanted to make sure I included Amy's infamous, personal thank-you, which she diligently gives to every customer. I swear, I am mystified as to how she has the time and how her hand hasn't fallen off!

Bulletproof pressed shadow (matte black) - I already own the Burning Heart palette and purchased the Sweetheart palette in this order, so I knew the only pressed color I'd be missing was Bulletproof, and I couldn't leave a hole like that in my collection ;)

Absinthe loose shadow - I'd been dying to own Absinthe since the first time I hopped onto Sugarpill's site. Green is my absolute favorite color and I have a special place in my heart for lime and neon-ish greens! Yay, finally mine!

Royal Sugar loose shadow - Royal Sugar is another that I have absolutely adored in every eye look I've ever seen using it. This is one heck of a gorgeously brilliant blue!!!

Lumi loose shadow - White with a turquoise duo sheen, this is one of those shadows I knew I needed ... not just wanted! I began collection white duos after purchasing MAC Pink Opal pigment around 10 years ago. I find true duos are hard to come by, so when I see a fabulous one by a company I love, I nab it!

Sweetheart Palette - I couldn't own the Burning Heart palette and not bring home its sister palette--that just wouldn't be right! So excited to have this.

Sweetheart Palette shadows - In case you aren't familiar with the sweetheart palette, these are the shadows inside! As you can see, my Midori sadly came with a crack in it, but no worries! I contacted Sugarpill and as soon as it's back in stock they're sending a replacement :)

Sugarpill Stickers - Last, but certainly not least, I simply had to get extra stickers--especially since the lovely blue glitter one was available! I nabbed one for one of my younger sisters, too. I've been gradually building up her collection for the last 2 years--she's significantly younger but as in love with makeup as I was at her age. I plan on adding some more Sugarpill to her collection this year. It's staple/must in my opinion!

Products in Use
As I mentioned, things have been super busy since I received this order and I was sick on top of it, but when I finally got a chance to really play with some of these fabulous shadows I decided to create a New Year's Eve look with some of them! You can see it HERE.

Purchase Total
My purchase would have been $84, but because of the amazing 30% off I received for purchasing on Friday during PinkWeekend I received a discount of -$25.20, bringing my total to $58.80. Not a bad price for so much color-crazy wonderfulness! Too bad Sugarpill doesn't offer a pro discount, though I'm sure Hubs is glad! I'd probably end up selling furniture to keep up with my addiction! I'm dying to get my hands on Tiara, Goldilux, Asylum, Starling, Stella, Hysteric, and Decora. I've gotta get the adorable new Pillkitty stickers! 

Purchase-Proud or Buyer's Remorse  
When it comes to this haul I am 100% purchase-proud! In fact, I wish I'd bought more! ;) No regrets or buyer's remorse here. I strongly suggest giving Sugarpill a try if you've been holding back or if this is your first time seeing their products.

Where to Buy
If you can't wait another minute and simply have to purchase Sugarpill now, you can do so at

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