Sugarpill & MakeupTalk's Colorful Winter Wonderland Contest

I don't normally enter makeup contests because I am hyper-critcal of everyting I do (so creating a look and not picking it apart so that I could enter it is near impossible), but my absolute love of Sugarpill drove me to give it a go in this one ;)

Sugarpill and MakeupTalk teamed up to offer not only some fabulous prizes (I would die if I won first place, but I don't think that's realistically happening), but to inspire makeup lovers to create a color winter wonderland look based on their interpretation of the theme.

Here's what I entered.

And for the record, I HATE doing full-face shots! They're so hard for me to capture everything and I take such great pains to work on every little detail of my eye makeup, I feel like the details get lost in the face. That's one of the reasons I only post EOTDs. That and the fact that eye makeup was my first cosmetic love ;)

Anyway, you guys should definitely think about entering! The prize is completely worth it and who knows, maybe you'll win!

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