Please share pics of what you got from your Secret Santa beauty swapper!

Share Your Gifts!
Now that everyone knows who they're giving to and receiving from, you're probably all enjoying shopping for your Secret Beauty Santas! Don't forget, shipping should be done no later than the 18th (which is a Sunday, so it's probably a good idea to try to get the gifts out by Saturday) so everyone gets theirs by Christmas ;) 

I hope that once you get your little shipment of holiday cheer that you'll send me pictures (send to: of your gift so that everyone can see what everyone else got--that's half the fun, right?! I'll do a separate post once I start receiving pictures from you lovelies. Thanks again, ladies, for participating in my first Secret Santa Beauty Swap! I'm planning on doing a few similar events in 2012 throughout the year, so please watch for updates if you'd like to be involved in something like this again ;)

Looking forward to your pictures!!!

On a side note, I'd like to invite you all to join my nail polish swapping forum! You can swatch new or barely used (in good condition) nail polish with other polish peeps hoping to shift around their collections ;) You can also share your fun manis, nail art, or polish swatches with a community of beauty-enthusiasts like yourself. Visit my forum here:

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