Um... Eau De Snooki by Nicole Polizzi?

Where to begin. First of all, I'm one of the silly people that watches Jersey Shore (and have from the beginning). I'm not going to get into what I think about the show, but I have to voice my opinion about Snooki's new fragrance.

For starters, I can't help but wonder what it could possibly smell like?! Bronzer, hair spray, and glitter? And to make matters worse, Snooki's Funny or Die piece is just ... yikes.  See it here.

But all of that aside, it's what she's being quoted as saying that probably troubles me most. This is someone that girls are trying to imitate? I'm all about being yourself and I think everyone should be comfortable with who they are, but I also believe that women (and people in general) should use their heads.

Here are some of my favorite Snookie quotes:

Snooki released a best seller (oh my gosh don't get me started), but told GQ, "I don't read."

"I love my scent because it's me. It's very bubbly, it reminds me of cotton candy and a lot of candy and it's very flirty because obviously I love to flirt like that."

My favorite comment has to be ...
"I feel like everybody's gonna love the scent--even like eight-year-olds are going to wanna wear it and I just wanted it to reflect me."

If I had daughters instead of sons and at the age of 8 they aspired to wear this scent (or even knew who Snooki was) I'd question my parenting. For me, it's one thing to be an almost 30-year-old that gets a kick out of the show for the sheer entertainment value, but I would die if my daughter wanted to be like Snooki. Granted we only see what makes it past editing, but I strongly believe in women using their brains to get places. And yes, part of that includes reading ... a lot!

I guess part of me is just mystified by this ongoing Jersey Shore trend. I'm Italian on my mom's side (my mom's grandparents came here from Italy) and my family has a few small similarities to some of the Italians on Jersey Shore, but only a slight few. Am I just getting old? Either way, I will not be purchasing Snooki's perfume, but if any of you do please share what it smells like. I can't keep the smell of "tan in a can" from coming to mind ;)

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