Swatches & Review: Nails Inc. The Wyndham Collection

Oh. My. Gosh. That's all I can say. Nails Inc. makes some amazing stuff and I have to say this is one of my favorites so far! I'm so excited about it let's just get right into it!

The Wyndham Collection

The Wyndham Collection (which is sold under the Gossip Girl collection as the Blair Collection in the UK)

The Polishes
This collection includes 2 polishes--Kensington (an almost-black teal) and The Wyndham Overglaze.

Color description: This polish is a super blackened, inky teal. I actually really, really like it. I have another polish like it, though I can't remember the name at the moment, but it's a good edition to my collection ;)

Application/Opacity: If you apply it well it is almost completely opaque in 1 coat, but I did 2 on my nails. This polish is very thick and if you try to take too much off the brush before you swipe it on you'll get more streaking. It dries in a reasonable amount of time despite being so thick.

Kensington - Isn't this a cool color? If you want dark nails, but don't want to go flat black, this is a cool alternative.

The Wyndham Overglaze
The Wyndham Overglaze - Look at how amazing!
Color description: This is a milky overglaze that has flakes of blue/green glitter suspended in it. The base is not clear, it does have a slight milkiness to it, but I think it really gives the entire nail such a cool look once applied.

Application/Texture: This is super easy to apply in my opinion. You apply it fairly thick and can easily manipulate the glittery flakes, just make sure you let it dry for a reasonable amount of time before applying a second coat or using your nails. The texture is ultra-smooth after you apply--not at all gritty like glitter! Love it!

The Syndham Overglaze over Kensington - Look at those pretty flakes! They shift from green to blue and are super pretty, but more sophisticated than chunky glitter in my opinion.

A second view. You can really see the pretty green and electric blue! It gives the nail almost a jelly look, too.

This collection sells at Sephora for $20 retail.

Where to Buy
You can purchase this online at Sephora, not sure if it's available in the stores--it's not available in mine :( You can see it online at HERE. You can see it for sale on in the UK HERE under the Gossip Girl Collections as the Blair Collection.     

Final Thoughts
Oh my goodness what can I say? I am in love! I cannot say enough about The Wyndham overglaze, it is fabulous! I think everyone including my mom should have this overglaze, I wish Nails Inc sold it separately in the US. Buy this! If you only buy one thing from Nails Inc., make it this!!! I'm dying to try the Donmar Collection and I'd also like to try the Old Vic collection. If I get my hands on them I'll definitely post swatches!

What do you think? 

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