Swatches & Review: Iced Delights Lip Bag in Sultry

I have been looking forward to MAC's holiday collection for a while and although I thought the Snowglobe palette in Cool was a miserable fail (see my review HERE), I definitely loved Such Flare! lipstick. For me, MAC Iced Delights Lip Bag in Sultry was another fabulous buy :)

I loved the box that this set came in, it was like opening a Christmas present early ;)

This is everything that came in the fabulous little box! The Iced Delights Lip Bag in Sultry includes I Love Winter cremesheen lipstick, Deelight cremesheen glass, Boldly Bare lip pencil, and a festive makeup case. The little makeup case is slightly bigger than a cd in size.

Individual Product Reviews
I've broken the products up individually so you can read my opinion on each one and see how it worked for me.

Deelight Cremesheen Glass
Color description: MAC describes this color as a "raisonette", though I'm not sure what in the world they mean ;) This color is a very natural lip color with a dusty rose hue.   

Performance: I absolutely loved how smoothly this went onto my lips. It's semi-opaque and tinted enough to give my mildly colored lips some natural looking color. It wears like any gloss, varying slightly depending on whether or not you eat, drink, etc. It's not super long wearing if that's what you're looking for. To me gloss is synonymous with reapply, so I don't mind as long as the color is fabulous!

I know this looks as though I'm wearing clear gloss, but my lips are actually less pigmented than this (so sad!).

Boldly Bare Lip Pencil
Color description: MAC calls this a "dirty red brown". I think it reminds me of terracotta.

Performance: This is a fabulous lip pencil! The color is actually super complementary, it goes on smoothly, and doesn't take a ton of pressure to apply it--I hate when pencils drag on my skin. 

Boldly Bare lip liner looks fabulous under I Love Winter

I Love Winter Cremesheen Lipstick
Color description: MAC calls this shade a medium passion fruit. Has anyone ever seen a real passion fruit? The inside is similar to a pomegranate with a bunch of seeds surrounded by little sacks of fruity juiciness that are ... YELLOW! Passion fruit is not a pink fruit and passion fruit juice isn't pink either. Anyway, I would describe it as a creamy, dusty rose. It almost reminds me of the color sometimes used on the lips of china dolls. 

Performance: Oh my gosh, I can't say enough about this lipstick! It went on super creamy, looks lovely, and didn't dry out my lips at all. The color is extremely lovely if you're tired of wearing a super bold lip or neutral lip. It's one of those colors (in my opinion) that you can throw on and go anywhere! I absolutely love it.

MAC I Love Winter lipstick - Pretty right??? I think it's the type of shade that will go with anything because it's pretty, but not super bold. I rarely buy shades like this so it is definitely a welcome addition to my collection!

This set is priced at $38 retail. The products are not available individually to my knowledge.

Where to Buy
This can be purchased at MAC stores/counters, on HERE, and on MAC's website HERE. This is a limited edition set so once they're gone, they're gone! I called about a week ago and was told there were just under 700 sets left at The rep didn't seem to think they'd last too much longer, so I wouldn't wait too long if you want to grab this!

Final Thoughts
I love this and I think it's worth the price to get 1 lip pencil, 1 lip gloss, and 1 lipstick. I'm also a sucker for limited edition holiday/winter stuff :) Definitely purchase this if you're looking for some gorgeous, yet subtle lip colors!    


  1. The lipstick looks very nice, great everyday color I'd wear!

  2. Yeah! It actually feels really nice on, too. I highly recommend snagging it ;)

  3. That box is gorgeous lol. I started it and got an illusion lol

  4. Yeah, that box is a bit trippy haha


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