Swatches and Review: Poppy King for Boots No 7 Lipsticks and Lipglosses

I love the boxes!
I was recently given the opportunity to review some of the fabulous new limited edition lipsticks and lip glosses created by Poppy King for No 7 Boots, which I jumped at given my serious love of lip products! Poppy King for No 7 Boots' "The Magic of Lipstick" collection includes an array of 7 lipsticks and complementary lip glosses. These lip glosses and lipsticks were named after different auras, emotions, and personalities that Poppy believes lipsticks have the power to inspire. I have to say, the boxes with polka dots are so darn cute! I love how they were inspired by the days when old-Hollywood bombshells were gracing the silver screen--a favorite era of mine. Check these out...

On a side note, if you follow my blog you probably already know that I have very little pigmentation in my lips, which is odd considering my black hair and olive complexion! The lack of pigmentation in my lips at times makes colors look a bit brighter or more true in comparison to what it looks like on others with more pigmented lips. This is worth noting when you view my swatches below. Also, excuse my slightly chapped lips, my allergies have been going haywire--lots of nose blowing :(

Poppy King for No 7 Boots Lip glosses
I thought I'd start with the lip glosses. I was sent 3 fabulous shades to try! None of these lip glosses are sticky at all (though I honestly don't mind sticky gloss--weird I know!) and they have a pleasant smell that I swear has a hint of orange to it. These felt great on my lips! These have doe foot applicators, which are generally my preference. 

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Color description (provided by PR): This soft peachy shade is similar to one's natural lip color and suitable for women of all ages.  

Application: These glosses are super smooth, semi-sheer, and a bit on the thinner side. I like a lot of color on my lips so I did a few swipes to build it up, which worked well. This color in particular is definitely the type of color you can wear any day, anywhere in my opinion.

Allure Lip Gloss - Believe it or not, this lip gloss actually gave my lips a more typical hue (my lips are not normally this pigmented!)

Power Lip Gloss
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Color description (provided by PR): This rose color is designed to be as powerfully stylish as it is pretty.

Application: This was definitely the most bold of the lip glosses I received and it went on just as well as the others. Again, I like a bold lip so I swiped a couple layers on to build up the color.    

Power Lip Gloss - These gave my lips a berry-kissed blush.

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Color description (provided by PR): Who doesn't love a classic nude shade? This hue is an iconic fit for today's natural beauty.  

Application: This was definitely the most subtle of all of the lip glosses. It didn't really add too much color to my lips, but gave them a great shine.

Confidence Lip Gloss - If you're looking for a fabulous lip gloss that gives you tons of shine, but not a lot of noticeable color, this is definitely the right gloss for you!

Poppy King for No 7 Boots Lipstick
These lipsticks come in a sleek metal lipstick tube.
These lipsticks were created to give you buildable color--one swipe gives you a tad of color or you can build it up to be more vibrant. These are very hydrating and smooth. They were not at all thick or "heavy" to wear. These lipsticks come in a metal lipstick tube that is a bit smaller in size than some of the other lipstick tubes I have, though it makes it easier to throw in your purse. 

This cute little note is in every Poppy King for Boots No 7 lipstick box.

Glamour Lipstick
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Color description (provided by PR): This flirty pink shade is all about fun. It's also a perfect option for the woman who finds herself wanting something different from her go-to nude or red lipstick.  

Application: Oh my gosh, these are so smooth they're almost like a fabulous balm to apply. The color is definitely buildable, but they never get as thick feeling as more traditional lipsticks. I did several swipes on my lips. I think this shade is perfect for someone that wants to rock a pink lip, but isn't quite comfortable with going super crazy with an ultra-bright shade.

Glamour Lipstick - See what I mean? A pretty pink that's classy and on the subtle side.

History Lipstick
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Color description (provided by PR): Women's fascination with red lipstick has evolved throughout the decades; this deep red shade captures the perfect "here and now" red hue.

Application: Again, super smooth and buildable! This is absolutely my favorite color of all the lipsticks--I am a sucker for red lipstick! This is a great red that is almost a pin up red, but a tad more subtle and less thick in consistency than other reds I have.

History Lipstick - Fabulous, right? Right, but definitely wearable in my opinion!

Color description (provided by PR): This subtle pinkish nude is incredibly flattering without being fussy, like the color of natural lips, but bolder and brighter.
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Application: This is definitely a subtle nude. I can't say it added a lot of color to my lips, which are not very pigmented, so I don't know what it would look like on someone's lips if they have super pigmented lips. Still, this is a very easy, no-hassle lipstick you can throw on anytime.

Intrigue Lipstick - This added a tiny hint of color and a pleasant amount of subtle shine.

Poppy King for Boots No 7 lipsticks and lip glosses are priced at $9.99 retail.

Where to Buy
You can purchase these lipsticks and lip glosses at some Target stores and Keep in mind these are limited edition products so they'll only be available for a certain amount of time!  

Final Thoughts
I really like these! I'd love to try the 1 shade I didn't swatch--Seduction--along with the gloss versions of History and Glamour and the lipstick version of Power. I love that each shade comes in both forms! I think these are perfect for someone that wants a lipstick or lip gloss that feels lovely on your lips, can be worn sheer or built up in depth. These are very wearable and I think both my sisters and my mom would love to give these a try (Christmas gifts perhaps?), they really do seem trendy enough for any age. Best of all, they're fuss-free for those of you that prefer less complicated cosmetics ;) While I don't mind a slightly "needy" beauty product, I can definitely appreciate the ones that are more effortless! Definitely give these a try or consider buying these for another makeup lover for the holidays!

What do you think? I think now I need to try more of Boots' cosmetics! Has anyone tried any of their other products? 


  1. I like the red ones!!!! I want a letter from "poppy" that cracked me up...

  2. Hahahaha "Poppy" likes to write to ME! Get your own poppy ;) JK


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