Swatch & Review: Nails Inc. House of Parliament Magnetic Polish

Yes, I couldn't resist! Back when Sephora had their fabulous friends and family sale I snatched up a few things, including this polish. I actually swatched it weeks ago, but between getting ready to move, moving, and then settling in I've not had a chance to post this. For those of you dying to see exactly what this magnetic polish can do, check this out...

Nails Inc. House of Parliament Magnetic Polish

Color Description
House of Parliament is a metallic purple with deep smokiness that appears when the magnet is used.

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish has specific instructions as to how to apply it for the best effect. You're supposed to apply 1 coat, allow it to dry, then apply a second coat and immediately use the magnet over it. Each nail must be done individually for the best results since the magnetic effect works most successfully while the polish is still wet. The polish is pretty thick, but don't be afraid to apply it fairly thick--especially for the second coat!

First Coat
The first coat was mostly opaque and dried fairly quickly. Again, it's pretty thick so applying it takes a bit more care than usual, but it's not too bad.

Nails Inc. House of Parliament first coat

Second Coat - The Magnetic Coat 
The second coat must be applied once the first is dried. Apply it fairly thick (too thin and the results aren't as impressive) and immediately after you've coated your whole nail, hold the magnet on the cap over it for a few seconds. Make sure you don't touch the magnet to your nail. There's a piece on the top of the cap you can use as a guide to line up with your cuticle so you know you're holding the magnet over the right area. This was really cool to see it transform!

Nails Inc. House of Parliament second coat after using the magnet.

Final Thoughts
This polish is so fun and I love the final look! I'd really like to get the silverish gray one as well as the new one they JUST released (see it HERE). I just found it on Sephora. I'm in love with the pics though! I know there are a few other companies that have put out magnetic polishes, such as Lancome Le Magnetique, Layla Magneffect, and LCN magnetic polish. Those companies seem to have other colors available. I haven't tried them, but if I do I'll definitely compare for you ;) I'm a big fan of Nails Inc. in general though, I wish it was easier to get a hold of their polishes here in the US. I have a number of them that I'd love to get my hands on!



  1. oh wow! I just love the idea of magnetic polish and it's so pretty on! I need to get my hands on some:)

  2. It's so fun! I put it on one of my sisters the other day when some of my family came to visit--my mom and 2 sisters were amazed! Definitely worth getting and the brand new teal is calling my name ;)

  3. I have been meaning to try out this magnetic nail polish for quite some time so I could do a review of it on my blog. The effect looks so cool! Thank you for the review :) <3

  4. You're welcome ;) I highly recommend it! I'm dying to get my hot little hands on the other 2 shades!


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