Holiday Beauty Gift Swap - CLOSED

Final List!
Alright, ladies! This took some fancy maneuvering, but I've created the final list and I think it works! Anyone that confirmed or was confirmed by someone else is on the list. Anyone that failed to confirm had to be taken off because it's getting close to our shipping deadline of Dec 18th. I will be organizing something at the beginning of 2012 if anyone is interested in catching the next event ;)

Here's the updated list!

Please confirm that you're participating!
I'm not sure why, but it seems as if some of the ladies that signed up cannot be reached via email. I don't know if they've backed out, used an email they never check, or what, but I don't want this to be ruined for everyone that still wants to participate. I do want to warn those that signed up and have gone missing that unless they contact me directly and give me a legitimate reason for backing out that they will be ineligible to participate in the next swap I have planned. Sorry, but it's just not fair to everyone else. If you're still interested in participating please comment below with the following:
  • Confirm you still want to participate
  • Let me know whether or not you were able to successfully contact the person you're giving to
  • Include the first portion of the email address you used to sign up so that I can tick you off the list
I will give everyone until Sunday to confirm their involvement. Then I'll revamp the list and anyone that can't get a hold of someone will be given an active secret beauty Santa to give to. Don't worry, I'll work it out! 

Signing up for my Holiday Beauty Gift Swap has closed, but check back again in January, I plan to do another fun event in early 2012! Everyone that signed up for the gift swap should have already received an email with a link to the giving/receiving list. Check your emails ;) So exciting!

If you're on beautylish you may have seen the thread I started regarding my desire to coordinate a Holiday Beauty Gift Swap for online makeup lovers everywhere! I love the holidays and I love gift giving. There's nothing more exciting than giving and getting a fun gift from an anonymous person, especially when it's beauty related! If you'd like to participate in this Holiday Beauty Gift Swap, please fill out the form below. The deadline to enter is November 30th and gifts must be shipped by December18th (this gives you just over 2 weeks to choose a gift). Feel free to share this gift swap with any other makeup lovers in your life. Anyone in any country can participate as long as they're willing to give a gift that follows the rules mentioned below!

Some time on December 1st (please don't email at 5am asking where the list is, it'll take some time to organize haha) I will send out a mass email to everyone that signed up with a link that enables you to see a master gift giving list. You will have to find your email address in the giver column and then contact the person you're assigned to give to (listed in the receiver column) to get their shipping information. I considered having everyone supply their shipping information through the form so that I could keep the givers a super secret surprise until gifts arrive, but I think this is the best way to keep your information secure :)

This is going to be fun! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below, but please read through the form before asking questions as the answer may be a "scroll" away ;)

Rules of this Holiday Beauty Gift Swap
These rules are meant to make this gift swap fair and fun for everyone involved. Please read through them and be prepared to agree to stick to them before filling out the form below!
  • The total gift value should be between $15-$20. It can be a single item or multiple items, but must be beauty related. 
  • It must be NEW and not used. 
  • Gifts must come from smoke-free homes. Unfortunately it is too difficult for someone with severe allergies or asthma to receive a gift from someone that has second-hand smoke in their house.
  • If you have pets in your home please make sure they don't have access to the gift you give. You never know who's allergic to what pets!
  • Those will allergies to cosmetic ingredients probably shouldn't participate as I cannot guarantee that your gift giver will send you something that won't include those ingredients.
  • Gifts must be sent out no later than December 18th so that everyone receives theirs around the major holidays. 
  • It is possible that you may be assigned to give a gift to someone outside of the US (this is open internationally), so you must be willing to ship to other countries. It doesn't have to be shipped through expedited shipping, but must be shipped by the 18th of December. 
  • Do not purchase nail polish as a gift if you're shipping internationally--customs is a pain! If you want to purchase nail polish for someone and you're shipping within your country, make sure you check shipping regulations prior to buying. Nail polish is typically considered a hazardous material and must be shipped via ground not air in the US. 
  • Please do not sign up and then back out as it will be too difficult to rearrange the swap once you lovely makeup lovers have been assigned to one another!
  • Do not email anyone on the list other than the person you're assigned to give to. Obviously you are not allowed to SPAM this person in any way (sorry, I just have to put that out there to cover everything!).
  • Above all, have fun!!!


  1. ehinks21
    I've made contact with my swap person and I've been in touch with the person that has me. If you need me to pick up some slack, lol I can swap twice. No problem. I love getting makeup for Christmas! lol

  2. @Lilbeans Perfect! I'll let you know if we end up with an odd number of swappers, then I may take you up on double-duty ;)

  3. i have contacted both my person and the person who i should be sending for. email is victoriabitner85

  4. Confirming that I'm still in. :D I'm still waiting to hear from Megan to get her address. Looks like she hasn't been online (at Beautylish) for the last week or so.

  5. I've been in touch with my Santa and the person I'm giving too. babyjaetn

  6. I'm still participating. I've been in contact with the person I'm giving too, but have not been able to reach my Santa. My email is ShunaRae.

  7. Still participating!I've been in contact with my Santa, and have sent an email to the person I am giving to, but I haven't heard from them.

  8. Hello DJ I am still participating and have been contacted by my Beautylish Claus and have sent an email to my Gift Recipient and am awaiting there reply. The beginning of my email is Vampiaw

  9. i've been in touch with Cassandra B as the one who's sending me a gift, but i can't seem to reach Michelle F as i'm shopping for her. i received the original list spreadsheet without any problems. i'm reni.valentine

  10. Hey, i'm (nunezrina)I have been in contact with Cassandra B which is the person i'm giving a gift too. But, I haven't gotten not one email from Michelle F. who is my santa. I got the list perfectly with no problems! :)

  11. I still haven't heard back from Megan.
    Her profile:

    Hope she's okay.

  12. Just an update! I have now heard from the persom that I am giving a gift to as well. So I am complete.....just have to send out my gift!

  13. I'm participating and I contacted my giver and got a responds from her.

    Also I got contacted by my santa and I sent her my informations.

    So, I'm all set to send my gift.


  14. Update...I've been in contact with both my Santa and the person I'm giving to. My email is lunagirl133

  15. Great, ladies, thanks for letting me know. I'll run through the list a final time Sunday and make sure I have everyone matched up. Obviously those of you that have already been in contact with each other are all set! If you know anyone involved in the giveaway that hasn't commented above please shoot them a quick message and tell them to get their buns in gear ;)

  16. I'm still participaing and i have contacted the person im sending a gift to.

  17. But i haven't heard from who im receiving a gift from.

  18. My person is international and I can't ship to them, so if possible could I switch to a new one? =\

  19. I failed to see that point on the list of guidelines=[

  20. @Terra I'll see who's participating and who's not in the end, but if you can't ship to Indonesia and it's too much juggling to shift you around I'll have to take you off the list since it was clearly stated that this is an international gift swap--I like being able to include international makeup lovers as much as possible. Just so you know, you can ship a package under 24"wide/long that's less than a pound to Indonesia for $10 through USPS International First Class or in an International small flat-rate box for $13.

  21. Hi!! I am definitely still interested and was NOT able to get ahold of the girl I am gifting for. My name is Raven and e-mail is just my name!! Thx :)

  22. Hi DJ! Just wanted to come by with an update on this Holiday Gift Swap. I sent my gift out to my person Dec. 19 via priority mail. I am sure she loved the gift. Unfortunately, I have not received anything from the person that contacted me regarding my gift. I am not sure if there was an oversight on the person part or if something actually happened with the mail. I just wanted to let you know.

  23. @TheGlamFactor101 I am so sorry! Unfortunately, the same thing happened to me as well. There have been others I know of in the same situation, too. One of the most discouraging things is that I only included people on the final list that confirmed their participation :( Kind of ridiculous in my opinion sigh.


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