His Black Box Epic Fail

Sorry it has been so long since my last post. The freak snow storm caused some major havoc and we were without power for a bit, then we moved. So needless to say, I have been very busy around here.

Anyway, as of today I have had to place a stop payment on my his black box subscription payments through my bank.  I was billed for last month's Black Box (October) on the 24th and waited a few days to receive it in the mail.  However, after a week there was still nothing in my mail box.  I decided to send them a friendly email since there was confusion with my account in the beginning (resulting in having to hunt down my second month's box and have them fix my account after my card was billed, but my box was not sent out in a timely fashion).

Back to the current issue with His Black Box. I waited a few more days and still found nothing in the mail. I never even received an automated email response from the company in regards to the email I sent about my missing box.  I then asked my wife to email the company owner directly since she had communicated with him in the beginning when they originally sent me one to review.  She heard NOTHING from the owner or the company. She tried emailing the general customer service email a couple of days after that--nothing.

The long and the short of it all is that after trying to get a hold of anyone from the company for two and a half weeks I still have not gotten last months black box.  I have emailed them literally four or five time through their site and directly to the owner with no response. I have also called all the numbers they have listed including the number on the bill that was automatically paid on the 24th of October. I reluctantly contacted my bank and put a stop payment on all future His Black Box charges as there's no way to stop your account on their site, only "pause" it. Ironically, right after I went through the long drawn out process with my bank (who tried to contact the company through a conference call with me on the line and could not get a hold of anyone as well), my wife received an email from one of the owners asking what my account information was so that they could track my package. No apology, no explanation as to why 9 days into November I hadn't received anything. She responded to the email stating she had no tracking info as none was ever sent and that the account was still under the same email. Not sure what information he was looking for, he had emailed back and forth with my wife when he originally sent the first His Black Box for review, then again when I had issues with my account after subscribing. Again, I was charged, received no box, and received no communication at all in response to my many attempts to contact the company regarding my account.

Taking everything into consideration I've formed an unpleasant opinion of His Black Box, which I've been hesitant to do because the concept behind the boxes is so great. Nonetheless, I want to be honest with you about my experience. Here is my advice to every single person that subscribed to His Black Box. Cancel your account and make sure you put a stop payment on your account for future charges.  I am not sure if they're still working out the kinks or if their customer service is simply lacking, but in my opinion His Black Box had epically failed when it comes to my account and I doubt I will never use there services again.   

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