Black Friday Beauty Sales of Note!

Since I keep such close track of my favorite Black Friday sales, I thought I'd keep a list of the beauty ones I'm interested in. This is in no way a complete list of every sale going on, just some of my favorites! I'll continue posting as I find more that sparks my fancy ;)

Sugarpill Cosmetics - I was told about Sugarpill's notorious Pink Friday sale, but this will be my first! From what I've heard it's 30% off on Black Friday, 20% off Saturday, then 10% off Sunday. Is that correct?

Faux Lash - Will be having a Cyber Monday Sale where select lashes will be up to 50% off. If you haven't tried Faux lashes yet you MUST! You can see a few different pairs I've received from Faux HERE. You can also see a look I did using Chloe lashes HERE. Faux tweeted me with the following details: 12 midnight Nov 27th-11:59pm Nov 28th up to 50% off selected pairs. Every lash on the site will be marked off. Free ship.

Linnaeus Cosmetics - Temporarily closed because the lovely owner is moving, the shop will reopen for Black Friday/Cyber Monday! You can read all of the details HERE.

Victoria's Secret - As usual, if you spend $60 at Vicky's you get the free tote with beauty products in it. I worked at Vicky's years ago and even though you don't receive MUCH for beauty products, I try to get the bag every year. I have no idea why, but I do haha.

Ulta - I tried calling customer service and after sitting on hold for over 10 minutes I was finally told that info hasn't been released yet, but to keep checking the site.

Sephora - If memory serves me correctly I was under the impression they don't really do much, does anyone know? I spoke with a Sephora customer service rep and she said there will be something, but they haven't released the details yet. Apparently they'll be releasing details tomorrow (11/18) on Facebook under the Fan Fridays section! I'll be sure to post once I see them ;)
Update: I see 10 sets for $10 from Sephora for Black Friday (see HERE), but no other details. Does anyone know anything else about Sephora's Black Friday sale?

Cult Nails - This sale starts 11/25 and ends 11/28. All polishes will be $7.75, Nail treatments will be $6 each, glass nail files will be $10 a piece, and all available collections will be $31. Clairvoyant, you will be mine!!!

TheBalm - 40% off your online purchase on using promo code BLACKFRIDAY FROM 9AM PST to Midnight on 11/25!

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