Ulta's Infiltrating New England!

For anyone that lives in New England, you know that we don't always get what ever else gets when it comes to stores and restaurants. For many reasons, there is a lot of prejudice in a way regarding the stores we get (especially in northern New England). You'd think we'd benefit from being somewhat close to NYC, but we don't!

Anyway, I just found out from my local Ulta that an Ulta just popped up in a town near where I used to live! This is a big deal since it's in the 'burbs. If any of my readers are Mass natives (calling all massholes!) I though you might be delighted to know that you have yet another Ulta to choose from. This one in Northboro (or Northborough if you prefer to be silly and spell it the long way) just opened it's doors on September 4th in a brand new plaza!

The address is: 1806 Shops Way Northboro, MA
The phone number is: 508-393-2813

Apparently this shopping plaza is getting quite a few interesting stores including a Wegmans (opening Oct 16th), which happens to be the first Wegmans in New England! See, I told you there's weird prejudice about us up here ;) For those of you (like myself until I looked up exactly what this strange store was) that don't know what Wegmans is, it's apparently a grocery store chain based out of New York that offers a huge selection of foods and appeals to a more upscale shopper.

Anyway, I'm sure there are plenty of makeup lovers in the MA 'burbs that are wicked excited about the presence of a nearby Ulta. All I can say is, I hope yours is better than mine (Manchester, NH), which opened this year as well. Sorry to say, it's been a slightly disappointing experience every visit because of the lack of inventory and training when it comes to the staff. Good thing I like to shop online!

Happy shopping, fellow massholes!

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