Swatch & Review: Stila Find Your Magic Palette

I've been really into palettes this year, so when I first heard that Stila had released a new small winter palette I knew I had to grab it!

The Find Your Magic palette was exclusive to Stila's website and has a mix of 4 limited edition shadows, a rosy cheek color, and a bronzer.

If you've never purchased one of the small palettes Stila released on a regular basis, they typically have 4 shadows, a cheek color, and a highlighter/bronzer. They also include a small mirror inside and a face chart showing you one look you can do with the colors in your palette. I don't typically use these face charts. I'd much rather do my own looks ;)

 Palette Shots
Inside view of Stila Find Your Magic palette

These are the shadows in the Find Your Magic palette. Shine and Magic are similar in person as well as in this photo, though you can see that Magic has a slight pink hue.

These are the face powder shots - Love (blush) and Shimmer (bronzer)

In-Use Shots
These are pictures of the shadows, blush and bronzer applied to my skin with brief reviews of their overall performance.

Shine eyeshadow is a shimmery white. I had to apply this over pixie epoxy because, like all of the Stila eyeshadows I've tried, the shadows were fairly powdery and didn't have a lot of pigmentation or staying power on their own.
Twinkle eyeshadow is a shimmery mixture of purple and gray with a pewter flash. This was also applied over pixie epoxy because it didn't have a lot of staying powder on it it's own because it was so powdery.

Magic eyeshadow is more of a highlighter than actual shadow in my opinion. It has a pinkish flash to it, but even after using pixie epoxy and applying a good amount this was the most I could get out of it.

Starry eyeshadow has a plum base with a pinkish-plum flash to it.

Love is a fairly bright pink blush with a hint of gold sprinkled throughout it. It was a tad powdery, but this was the overall effect on bare skin.

Shimmer bronzer was actually very close in tone to my own skin tone, so I had to apply quite a bit in order to get it this dark so you could see it. If you have an olive complexion like me, this probably won't be much of a bronzer, but anyone fairer would probably really like it because it's not super deep!

Final Thoughts
I think these shadows are great for winter, but the consistency and application is probably the downside. For someone that wants a super pigmented shadow (like me) these would definitely need a sticky base in order to get the most out of them. However, one of my sisters is a huge fan of Stila shadows because she tends to wear her makeup fairly subtle. She wears Stila shadows on a regular basis. The blush was fairly bright and I tend to be able to wear quite a range of pink colors, but I'm not sure how these would do with someone that's super pale. Possibly well if applied lightly. The bronzer isn't dark enough to be a bronzer on me right now, but maaaaaybe by mid-winter I'll be light enough that this will actually show on me enough to either give me a little facial color or use for contouring. I guess we'll see!

The Stila Find Your Magic Palette retails for $14.

Where to Buy
This palette is exclusive to Stila's website and can be purchased HERE  

What do you think? Do you have this palette or are you interested in it?

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