Swatch & Review: OPI Red Shatter

I actually took the images for this review weeks ago and then ended up posting holiday stuff non-stop almost! I know a few of you are interested in a non-metallic or black shatter so let's get to it...

OPI Red Shatter

Color Description
This looked almost like a red cream polish in the bottle. 

How well does it shatter or crackle?
This dried about as quickly as the pink shatter (see review HERE) and the formula wasn't overly thick or thin. it didn't crack nearly as well as other shatters/crackles I've tried.

OPI Red Shatter over China Glaze Tinsel Town - Where do I even begin ... I hated this. I felt as though it looked like the color of the fake blood they sell in costume stores or almost like see-through red licorice. I didn't like it at all. I'm not sure if I would like it over another polish, but I tend to doubt it. To me, this is just ugly :(

This has OPI's wider brush, which I tend to find a bit too wide for my nails. I have fairly narrow nails, so the brush is over half as wide as all of my nails and makes application a bit awkward.

Ease of Application
I though this applied well, it was just the end result that I didn't like.

Drying Time
This dried quickly like most crackles I've tried, but it did take several minutes for it to fully crack.

Final Thoughts

This was hugely disappointing and I do not like it at all. I honestly don't know what would make it better... Maybe I'll try it over a white polish and see if it gives it a candy cane look for the holidays. But even if I don't mind that look, I still think it's ugly otherwise.

I've seen this sell for as low as $6 on Amazon or as much as $11.50 in salons.

Where to Buy
It's reasonably priced with several retailers on Amazon. You can view it HERE.

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