Swatch & Review: OCC Lip Tar - First Purchase!

OCC Lip Tar - (left to right) Strumpet, Pageant, Queen
I have been thinking about purchasing some Lip Tars for a long time, I'm not sure why I never got around to actually purchasing before now! I recently took advantage of one of OCC's sale weekends during which Lip Tars were selling for $10 and I'm so glad I did! I purchased 2 shades I'd been dying to get for a while and 1 new shade.  The new shade--Queen--is one of the shades released in OCC's Pretty Boy Fall/Winter 2011 collection. The 2 other shades I purchased are Strumpet and Pageant.

Swatches & Brief Review
I'm going to break the Lip Tars down by shade so you can see how they looked on my lips and read my first impression.  I've done a general review below on the application since these all had the same consistency. Also, just so you know, my lips are naturally a slightly diluted mauve-y pink color. Given that these are super pigmented I'm not sure how much lip color will play a role in how these look from person to person, but I just thought you should know ;)

Application: These all applied the same way and I was very happy with them! I used a flat brush to apply these instead of my normal lip brush since these are liquid, which seemed to work well. I didn't use a lip liner, but I think that if you're concerned about feathering or don't normally use a lip brush to apply product to your lips a lip pencil may be beneficial (helping you and the lip tar stay within the edges of your lips).

Flavor: These have a very slight peppermint coolness to them. It's not strong and I didn't feel any tingling as a result.

Feel on lips: These aren't super hydrating, but they're not drying either. The coolness of the peppermint is nice, but if you tend to have super dry lips you may want to use a lip balm as well.

Strumpet Lip Tar
Strumpet Lip Tar
Color description: Seedless grape red (from OCC). This is a super vibrant color and it's definitely red with a seedless grape undertone---very fun color!

OCC Strumpet Lip Tar Ingredients
My thoughts: I really liked this from the first moment I saw a swatch of it and I wasn't at all disappointed! I would definitely wear this and I think it fits into this fall/winter's trends.

I really liked this! It's definitely noticeable on my lips, but in a pretty way in my opinion :) I think next time I apply lip tar to my lips I'm going to use a smaller, more flexible brush. You can see some funniness on the left side of my mouth because the flat brush I used was super stiff and the bristles fanned out a bit with any pressure.

Pageant Lip Tar
Strumpet Lip Tar
Color description: Rich, blue-based pink (from OCC). I think this is a really wearable fuchsia pink.

OCC Strumpet Lip Tar Ingredients
My thoughts: I love this as much as I thought I would! I've been wanting this for a long time and it was worth the wait. I'd definitely wear this day or night.

Love it! Isn't this pretty?

Queen *New Release from Pretty Boy Fall/Winter 2011*
Color description: Intense, nearly neon red/pink (from OCC). This definitely knock-your-socks-off bright and fabulous red with a slight hint of pink.

My thoughts: Oh my gosh this color is everything I thought it would be a more! I'm dying to wearing this out. This color is definitely not for makeup lovers that only like subtle lip looks ;)

Aaaah so pretty! It's even brighter in person if you can believe it. So amazing!

These sell for $14 retail per .27 fl oz tube.

Where to Buy
These can be purchased on OCC's site HERE

Final Thoughts
I'm so glad I finally took the plunge! I love these shades and already have a list of others I like, including one of the other new fall/winter releases--Pretty Boy. Definitely give these a try if you like pigmented lippies ;)


  1. Wow! These are really gorgeous. I feel they're not for the lazy though (like me!). Thanks for posting the ingredients :D

  2. Omg I'm gonna die!!! I always want to try these but never know which colors to get, I NEED all three of these!!! Thanks a lot lady!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. @Larie Haha you're so funny! I always apply lipstick with a brush so this was right up my alley ;) I guess it's a mixed bag! They take a minute to apply, but they go on super smooth. They last a long time compared to lipstick from what I'm told! So kind of higher and lower maintenance?

    @Mercedes Hahaha you crack me up, I'm going to try a few new shades in the next few weeks I think. I love these, I need more!

  4. I'm DYING to try OCC Lip Tar, I vow to get some myself next yr

  5. @Karma That's a fabulous New Year's resolution ;)


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