Swatch & Review: China Glaze Metro Downtown

I bought the China Glaze Metro Downtown set a while ago and am finally getting around to posting on it!

China Glaze Metro Downtown Set (Left to Right): Skyscraper, Concrete Catwalk, Westside Warrior, Trendsetter, Loft-Y Ambitions, Midtown Magic

When I first saw pictures of China Glaze's Metro collection I was instantly drawn to the Downtown set. The Uptown set looks nice, but I felt as though Downtown had a bit more variety in shades. Downtown consists of 6 different shades:
  • Skyscraper - Translucent blue base with silver micro-glitter
  • Concrete Catwalk - Dark gray cream
  • Westside Warrior - Army green cream
  • Trendsetter - Mustard yellow with gold micro-glitter
  • Loft-Y Ambitions - Deep wine color with a tiny bit of micro-glitter
  • Midtown Magic - I've seen this described as a brown base, but I found mine to be a super dark plum base with multi-colored micro-glitter including gold and bronze
China Glaze Downtown Set (left to right): Skyscraper and Concrete Catwalk

China Glaze Downtown Set (left to right): Westside Warrior and Trendsetter

China Glaze Downtown Set (left to right): Loft-Y Ambitions and Midtown Magic

I'm going to do a quick review of each individual color so that you can see the shade and read about my experience with it! You can click on any of the images in my posts for a closer view.

3 Coats
Application: Out of all of the Downtown polishes, this one was the most difficult to apply. It was uneven/streaky with 2 coats, but a third seemed to help quite a bit. Still, I have a 2-coat general rule for polishes so I'm on the fence about this one.

Feel: This doesn't have a super jelly-like finish so it's not very smooth. I'd definitely suggest a coat or two of topcoat if you don't want the rough feel.

*Note: This was very hard to capture for some reason, but if you look at the bottom half of my nail you can see all of the micro-glitter. If you look at the top half close tot he end of my nail you can see a bit of unevenness. It was a little less obvious in person, but still not perfect.

Concrete Catwalk
Application: This applied beautifully and was exactly what I'd expect from a China Glaze cream. It went on smoothly and evenly.

Opacity & Number of Coats: This was completely opaque with 2 coats.

2 Coats

Westside Warrior
Application: This also applied well and I thought the color was great. 

Opacity & Number of Coats: This was perfectly opaque with 2 coats.
2 Coats

Application:  This applied so well with the first coat alone I was instantly impressed. Super application!

Opacity & Number of Coats: This was 100% opaque with 1 coat (it was shocking how crazy-well this went on), but I did 2 for good measure.

2 Coats - Look at that glitter!

Loft-Y Ambitions
Application: This applied pretty well, no major complaints!

Opacity & Number of Coats: This color took 2 coats to be completely even and opaque.

2 Coats - Can you see the subtle micro-glitter?

Midtown Magic
Application: This applied just as well as the rest.

Opacity & Number of Coats: I personally thought it was necessary to have 2 coats in order to get a really great depth with lots of micro-glitter. 

2 Coats (excuse the slight mess around my nail, by the time I tried this one I was exhausted) - It was very hard to capture all of the micro-glitter, but here you can see it to some degree.

China Glaze Midtown Magic v. Zoya  Jem

 As soon as I put Midtown Magic on my nails I noticed that it could be a cousin of Zoya Jem. It's definitely not a dupe, but they look as though they're from the same family. Midtown Magic has a much darker base that's more of a brown-ish plumb while Jem is a jewel-toned super deep purple.

You can sort of see the gold/copper micro-glitter on the bottom edge of the nail. It was very hard to capture at first.

You can see a slightly better picture of the micro-glitter on my original review of this polish that was taken a couple days after I put it on. Once the very surface wore away the glitter showed through a bit more. CLICK HERE for the original review. 

$5.99-$8 per full-size bottle at most retailers like Sally's Beauty.

Where to Buy
You can purchase these at Sally Beauty Supply and Ulta. 

Final Thoughts
I really like this collection for fall! I think it has good variety and some unique shades in varying finishes. If you want to flesh out your collection of fall polishes with one swoop this may be a really good option!

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