Spotlight: Incoco Black Magic Nail Appliques

I've been dying to check out Incoco's nail applique since I got a set in my Birchbox a couple months ago (see that box HERE). The set I received wasn't my test so I gave it to one of my younger sisters (the one with a makeup obsession like her big sister ;)) and decided I'd have to check out the rest of the styles. I came across the Halloween ones and thought they were too fun to pass up so I grabbed the Black Magic set--black base with glittery, silver spider webs draped across them. This was my first ever experience in Incoco.

Incoco applique sets come in a plastic pillow box with a window in the front showing the design you've chosen and instructions on the back. 

What A Set Includes
If you're curious as to what you'll receive if you purchase one of these sets, here you go!

Inside the Incoco package - I believe the upper-left item is a french manicure sample (there are only 2 tips and overlays in it), a polish removal cloth, the polish appliques you chose, a cuticle pusher, and a small nail file.
 It took me a little bit to figure out what the little extra set of 2 french manicure applique was, but I think they're literally just an extra sample? Still not quite sure, I couldn't find anything that said what they were for!

The nail file is actually thick and foam-like, similar to ones you can pick up at Sally's or other beauty supply stores. The kind you can use for a little while before throwing out. It's not a super thin one, which I was thankful for--I hate those!

The one thing I was a bit disappointed with was the cuticle pusher, not because of what it was made of, but because mine came misshapen and splintered. It's not a huge deal, but since these are such fabulous products in general I kind of assumed everything inside would be of great quality. Obviously all of this doesn't come with some of the drugstore brands, but still.

Applying the Applique
I actually read the instructions and watched a video on Incoco's site, just to make sure I was completely clear. Application was easier in some ways than I thought it would be. I've done a separate post with the steps and pictures HERE. I've broken down my application experience into pros and cons:

  • Fairly simple directions to understand/follow
  • Applique are forgiving enough that you can begin to put one on your nail and gently pull it off and re-center it.
  • Filing the excess off was simple as long as I did it at the right angle
Up close view of Incoco Black Magic from the Halloween 2011 collection
  • Even with the wide variety of sizes, the appliques weren't always a great fit for my hands--I have 3 nails that are almost identical in size and they're pretty slender so I ended up with excess on the sides that I had to remove.   
  • They tore--in the video and in the directions they say you can gently pull them to stretch them out and make them narrower as well as ensure they're smooth. I didn't find that this worked so well with this particular design. It seemed as though the applique would tear along the lines of the spider web.

    Final Results
    I loved the final results overall. I think my second application will be even better in regards to filing off the ends. It took me a few tries to realize you don't just have to file down, but at an angle as well to avoid rubbing off a bit too much from the end so you can see the tip of your nail.

    Aren't these cool?! I really like them and I don't think that's too bad for my first application :)

    So pretty! Here's an up close view of my thumb. My fingers are a tad dry because my family has had the flu for the past 2 weeks (we get hit hard with everything) so I've been washing my hands 50x a day. Ugh! Anyway, love these!

    The Halloween Incoco nail strips sell for $10.99 retail.

    Where to Buy
    These can be purchased on Incoco's website HERE.    

    Final Thoughts
    I would absolutely recommend these to anyone interested in trying out nail strips! In fact, I'm dying to try out some of the other appliques. If I get my hands on any other designs I'll definitely post about them, they have some seriously fabulous designs. One of my favorite aspects of Incoco is that their nail strips are actually nail polish. What? Yes, you heard right! These nail strips are actually made of 3-free nail polish! You know my love for 3-free polish ;) Definitely try these out!

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